Dayle M Smith

Group Leader

Dayle has a long history of high-performance scientific software development and its application to multiscale properties of molecular systems. 

Prior to joining ORNL, Dayle was a Solutions Architect in Intel’s Health and Life Sciences group, where she developed instrument-embedded and instrument-adjacent edge hardware + software solutions with manufacturers of scientific instruments for applications in personalized medicine, biomanufacturing, lab automation, and other life science use cases. Prior to this role she was a Parallel Software Engineer and Program Manager for the Intel Parallel Computing Centers, optimizing community HPC scientific software and training scientific software developers in profiling and optimization techniques to maximize performance on Intel architectures. Prior to Intel, Dayle was a Senior Research Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), contributing multiscale simulation and modelling to synergistic R&D in the structure/function/dynamics properties of catalytic metalloenzymes to inform development of novel synthetic biomimetic catalysts. 

Additionally, Dayle was a member of the faculty at Whitman College and developed Biophysics and Computational Physics curricula and integrated undergraduate research in therapeutic drug design with HBCU collaborators. Dayle is a Merck-UNCF doctoral fellow and graduate of Ludwik Adamowicz’s theoretical chemistry group in the University of Arizona Department of Chemistry, and was a post-doctoral research associate in Tjerk Straatsma’s Biophysics & Bioinformatics group at PNNL, where she developed the Electron Transfer and molecular orbital analysis modules of the NWChem massively parallel chemistry software.