David P Allison

David P. Allison is a Research Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology (BCMB) at The University of Tennessee and is also affiliated with the Biological and Nanoscale Systems Group in the Biosciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He Received his B.S. degree in Zoology from Michigan State University in 1963, his M.S. in Microbiology in 1970 and his Ph.D. in Microbiology in 2007 from The University of Tennessee. His research interests have always included using high resolution microscopy, both transmission electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopy, in his research.  Research highlights include the development of a procedure to map DNA cosmids, during the Genome project era, using atomic force microscopy (AFM). This was accomplished by imaging a mutant EcoRI endonuclease that binds to specific multiple sites on DNA, but doesn’t cleave DNA. In 2003, we developed a technique to immobilize bacteria, on mica coated with gelatin, that enabled AFM imaging of live bacteria in a liquid environment. This technique has also been applied to imaging other microbial species. Currently, using AFM imaging and the AFM cantilever to measure both elasticity and adhesion of molecular species tethered to the cantilever tip reacting to the root surface is being accomplished. This should allow for a better understanding of the interaction of plants with their environment.