Daniel P Olds

Daniel P Olds

Postdoctoral Research Associate


My research focus lies in combining in situ diffraction techniques with artificial intellegence-assisted analysis of complex materials to discover the underlying atomic origins of the relevant material properties, such as reaction pathways, decomposition mechanisms, phase-transitions, synthesis, and material assivation/poisoning.  I approach these challenging scientific problems with expertise in three areas:  detail-oriented design of advanced sample environments optimized for diffraction, experience with a wide variety of conventional analysis tools, and the ability to develop custom data reduction and analysis methods to meet specific needs found through ‘at the beamline’ experiences.  


Recipient of 2017 Etter Student Award from Neutron Scientific Interest Group at the 2017 American Crystallographic Association Meeting for “Improving the accuracy of time of flight neutron total scattering data analysis” – New Orleans (LA)

Poster Prize Awarded at RMCProfile School for “DShaper - A program to efficiently handle the effects of missing low-Q data in pair distribution function analysis of nanostructured systems” – Oak Ridge (TN)

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