Damith E W R Ediriweera Weerarathna Patabadige

Damith E W R Ediriweera Weerarathna Patabadige


Bsc(honors) in Chemistry, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. (2002-2006)

Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, Kansas state University, Kansas, USA. (2012-2017)

Post doctoral research associate, Bioscience Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2017-present)


2016 Meloan award for oustanding reaserch in analytical chemistry, Department of Chemistry,Kansas State University.

Recognition of outstanding presentation in 2015 K-state research forum, Kansas State University.

2014 and 2015 Summer Stepend for basic cancer reaserch, Jhonson Cancer Center, Kansas State University.



Biosciences Division:  https://www.ornl.gov/division/bsd


Peer reviewed articles

  • Micro total analysis systems: fundamental advances and applications. DEW Patabadige, S Jia, J Sibbitts, J Sadeghi, K Sellens, CT Culbertson. Anal. Chem . 2016. 88 (1), 320-338.
  • High throughput microfluidic device for single cell analysis using multiple integrated soft-lithographic pumps. DEW Patabadige, T Mickleburgh, L Ferris, G Brummer, AH Culbertson, CT Culbertson. Electrophoresis.2016. 37 (10), 1337-1344.
  • Integrating optical fiber bridges in microfluidic devices to create multiple excitation/detection points for single cell analysis. DEW Patabadige, J Sadeghi, M Kalubowilage, SH Bossmann, AH Culbertson, H Latifi, CT Culbertson. Anal. Chem. 2016. 88 (20), 9920-9925.
  • Integration of a multimode optical fiber for single particle/cell detection at multiple points on a microfluidic device with applications to particle/cell counting, velocimetry, size discrimination and the analysis of single cell lysate Injections. J Sadeghi , DEW Patabadige, AH Culbertson, H Latifi, CT Culbetson.  Lab Chip. 2017. 17(1), 145-155.
  • Recent advances in single cell analysis using microfluidic platforms. Lab Chip. 2016. (Invited review; In preparation


  • Integration of out-of-plane optical fiber for multipoint detection in microfluidic platforms and using fiber tunneling mode for particle/cell counting, velocimetry and size discrimination., American chemical society, 253rd national conference, San Francisco, CA. 2nd of April 2017. (Oral)
  • Integrating out-of-plane optical fiber bridges in microfluidic platforms to create multiple excitation/detection spots for single cell analysis, American chemical society, Midwest conference, Manhattan, KS. 21st of October 2016. (Oral)
  • High throughput single cell analysis using multilayer microfluidic devices, American chemical society, 251st national conference, San Diego, CA. 17th of March 2016. (Oral presentation)
  • High-throughput microfluidic chip for single cell analysis, American chemical society, Midwest conference, St. Joseph, MO. 22th of October 2015. (Poster presentation)  
  • Designing and characterization of high throughput multilayer micro fluidic device for single cell analysis, American chemical society, 249th national conference national conference, Denver, CO. 23rd of March 2015. (Oral presentation)
  • Designing and characterization of multilayer microchip for single cell analysis, American chemical society, Midwest conference, Columbia, MO. 14th of November 2014. (Oral presentation)
  • Designing and Characterization of Multilayer Microchip for Single Cell Analysis, Silicon Prairie International Microfluidics Symposium, Lawrence, KS.  1st of November 2014. (Poster presentation)

Specialized Equipment

Fluorescence microscopy

Fiber optics

Microfluidic peristaltic pumps

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