Chuanxu Ma

Chuanxu Ma



Post-doc. Oak Ridge National Laboratory Mar.2015-present
Post-doc. University of Science and Technology of China Jun.2014-Feb. 2015
Ph.D. University of Science and Technology of China Sep.2008-Jun. 2014
Condensed Matter Physics, Single-molecular Science
B.S. University of Science and Technology of China Sep.2008- Jul.2004
Material Physics


Post-doc. AVS 2016 Art Zone Contest, third place.
Ph.D. GE-USTC scholarship (2010); Chinese Academy of Science Award of
Excellence (2014); Outstanding poster award in Chinese Physical Society
Fall Meeting of 2013.
B.S. Outstanding student scholarship-Cooper award twice, Silver award once;
Minlong Huang scholarship; Outstanding graduated student of USTC;
Outstanding graduated student of Anhui Province.


1. Chuanxu Ma, Haifeng Sun, Yeliang Zhao, Bin Li, Qunxiang Li, Aidi Zhao, Xiaoping Wang, Yi Luo, Jinlong Yang, Bing Wang,* and J. G. Hou,* Evidence of van Hove singularities in ordered grain boundaries of graphene, PRL 112, 226802 (2014). (C.X.M. and H.F.S. contribute to this article equally.)
2. Chuanxu Ma, Haifeng Sun, Hongjian Du, Jufeng Wang, Aidi Zhao, Qunxiang Li, Bing Wang,* and J. G. Hou, Structural and electronic properties of an ordered grain boundary formed by separated (1,0) dislocations in graphene, Nanoscale 7, 3055–3059 (2015).
3. Shijing Tan, Yan Zhao, Jin Zhao, Zhuo Wang, Chuanxu Ma, Aidi Zhao, Bing Wang,* Yi Luo, Jinlong Yang, and J. G. Hou,* CO2 dissociation activated through electron attachment on reduced rutile TiO2(110)−1 × 1 surface, PRB 84, 155418 (2011).
4. Corentin Durand, X.-G. Zhang, Saban M. Hus, Chuanxu Ma, Michael A. McGuire, Yong P. Chen & An-Ping Li, Differentiation of surface and bulk conductivities in topological insulator via four-probe spectroscopy. Under Review in Nano Letters.
5. Hong-Hai Zhang, Chuanxu Ma, Jiahua Zhu, Bobby G. Sumpter, Peter V. Bonnesen, Jan-Michael Y. Carrillo, Panchao Yin, Yangyang Wang, An-Ping Li, and Kunlun Hong, Helical poly(5-alkyl-2,3-thiophene)s: controlled synthesis and structure characterization. Submitted to JACS.
6. Chuanxu Ma, Jewook Park, Lei Liu, Yong-Sung Kim, Mina Yoon, Arthur P. Baddorf, Gong Gu, An-Ping Li, Interplay between intercalated oxygen superstructures and monolayer h-BN on Cu(100). In preparation.
7. Chuanxu Ma, Hongjian Du, Jufeng Wang, Mingyang Tian, Aidi Zhao, Bing Wang,* and J. G. Hou, Landau quantization in a narrow doubly folded wrinkle of graphene. In preparation.
8. Chuanxu Ma, Haifeng Sun, Yeliang Zhao, Aidi Zhao, Qunxiang Li, Bing Wang,* and J. G. Hou, Identifying N dopants in N-doped graphene: Structure, electronic properties and doping effect. In preparation.

Facilities Used

In USTC during my PHD, I used Omicron LT-STM, Omicron VT-STM, UNISOKU 1300 and 1400 STMs, Home-made LT-STM, SEM, CVD syetem.
In ORNL during my postdoc, I used home-made VT-STM, Omicron VT-STM and AFM.

User Facility