Brendan T Sullivan

Brendan T Sullivan

Postdoctoral Research Associate


I am currently working with the Neutron Data Sciences group at Oak Ridge National laboratory to develop improved integration software for single crystal neutron crystallography.  Under this project, complex 3D intensity profiles of Bragg peaks from time of flight instruments are modeled and integrated, which decreases sensitivity to noise and user input for integration parameters.  The project is open source and will be implemented as an algorithm in Mantid.

Prior to joining Oak Ridge National Laboratory I was a graduate student in Professor Yulia Pushkar's group at Purdue University.  While at Purdue, I developed spatially-resolved techniques for brain imaging using synchrotron x-rays and developed software for analyzing very low signal-to-noise x-ray spectroscopy data.


  • Margaret M. Etter Student Lecture Award in Fiber Diffraction, July 2016
  • H. Y. Fan Award for Outstanding Research in Condensed Matter Physics or Biophysics, May 2016
  • Dr. Warner L Black Award for Practical Accomplishments in Physics, May 2016
  • Purdue Graduate Student Government Travel Grant, February 2015
  • Purdue Physics One Minute Thesis Competition Winner, December 2014
  • Outstanding Student Poster Award, BioXRM Conference, August 2013
  • American Association of Physics Teachers Outstanding Teaching Award, May 2011


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  • Sullivan, B., Robison, G., Pushkar, Y., Young, J., Manaye, K. (2016) Copper Accumulation in Rodent Brain Astrocytes: A Species Difference. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology (39), 6-13.
  • Sullivan, B., Robison G., Kay, M., Pushkar, Y. (2016) Manganese Exposure does not Affect Adult Neurogenesis. Toxicological Sciences 152 (2), 257-261.
  • Davis, K., Sullivan, B., Palenik, M, Yan, L., Purohit, V., Robison, G., Kosheleva, I., Henning, R., Seidler, G., Pushkar, Y., (2015) Rapid Evolution of the Photosystem II Electronic Structure During Water Splitting. arXiv:1506.08862.
  • Robison, G., Sullivan, B., Cannon, J., Pushkar, Y. (2015) Identification of Dopaminergic Neurons of the Substantia Nigra Compacta as a Target of Manganese Accumulation. Metallomics 7 (5), 748-755, (chosen as cover article and APS Highlight)
  • Pushkar, Y., Robison, G., Sullivan, B., Fu, S. X., Kohne, M., Jiang, W., Rohr, S., Lai, B., Marcus, M. A., and Zakharova, T., Zheng, W. (2013) Aging results in Copper Accumulations in GFAP-positive Cells in the Subventricular Zone. Aging Cell 12 (5), 823-832

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