blair christian

Blair B Christian

Research Scientist

James Blair Christian (Blair) received a B.S. degree in Computational & Applied Math and Statistics from Rice University, and also has an M.S. and Ph.D. in Statistics from Rice University. He joined ORNL in 2016 as a Research Scientist in the Biomedical, Engineering, and Computing (BSEC) group. He also has a joint appointment at the University of Tennessee Bredesen Center where he co-advises several students. He is an applied statistician and data scientist, where we works on a large variety of projects whose data covers image data, genomic data, healthcare data (EHR data, cancer registry data), published literature (pubmed, academic miner, etc), and other data sources, and whose methodology includes experimental design, statistical modeling (parametric, nonparametric, categorical/continuous responses, longitudinal data, functional data, survival models), deep learning, data stores for non-relational data, and an assortment of methods for graph data. Dr. Christian’s research background and interests are in statistical genetics, clinical informatics, data integration, and scalable data-driven biomedical discovery.