Benjamin R Betzler

Benjamin R Betzler

Reactor Physics Nuclear Engineer


Dr. Benjamin R. Betzler is a Research and Development staff member in the Reactor Physics group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research interests include numerical methods for solving neutron transport problems (Monte Carlo transport, alpha-eigenvalue methods, methods for solving time-dependent problems, and matrix methods and applications of Markov processes) and analysis and methods development for advanced reactor designs (molten salt reactors, high-temperature gas-cooled reactors, space propulsion systems, and accelerator-driven subcritical systems). Dr. Betzler received his Ph.D in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences from the University of Michigan in 2014.


Molten Salt Reactor Modeling and Simulation
High Flux Isotope Reactor Low Enriched Uranium Conversion Project
Fuel Cycle Options Campaign
Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Modeling and Simulation
SCALE ORIGEN Reactor Libraries


Selected (see CV for full publications list):

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