Avni Malhotra

Avni Malhotra

Postdoctoral Research Associate


My research focuses on multi-scale effects of disturbance on ecosystem structure and function. In the past, I have investigated the influence of drought, permafrost thaw or warming on above and belowground plant dynamics, greenhouse gas fluxes and litter decomposition. I am also interested in regional to global-scale drivers of carbon sequestration. My toolkit draws from ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, plant ecology and systems thinking and I specialize in carbon-rich systems such as northern peatlands and permafrost features. 



At ORNL, I am studying warming and elevated CO2 effects on fine-root traits and their link to peatland carbon function at SPRUCE (Spruce and Peatland Responses Under Climatic and Environmental change). I am also working on a global data synthesis project addressing abiotic and biotic controls of ecosystem respiration in peatlands, in collaboration with colleagues at the Pacific Northwest National Lab.



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