Anna E Douglas

Innovation Crossroads Entrepreneurial Fellow

Anna Douglas is a Ph.D. candidate in interdisciplinary material science at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. As a National Science Foundation Graduate Student Fellow since 2015, she has primarily focused her studies on next-generation batteries for electrochemical energy storage, and has recently developed the growth of low-cost carbon nanotubes from ambient carbon dioxide, with this technology extendable to other carbon structures.  Based on this technology, she founded SkyNano LLC with her Ph.D. advisor Dr. Cary Pint, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt. Her work has been on the “most read” list at ACS Nano, and led to 16  publications and 1 patent to date. Prior to Vanderbilt, Anna completed a B.S. in mathematics and chemistry at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. She was first inspired by nanotechnology as an undergraduate research intern at the NASA Glenn Research Center, where she worked on developing materials to insulate the battery pack for the Mars Rover.


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