Andrew T Godfrey

Andrew T Godfrey

Senior R&D Staff, Reactor Physics

Mr. Godfrey joined the Reactor Physics team in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division (RNSD) of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2010.  He is primarily responsible for the testing and validation of high-fidelity reactor core simulation tools for the Advanced Modeling Applications (AMA) Focus Area of the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL), the first DOE Nuclear Energy Modeling and Simulation Hub.  During the first five years of CASL, Mr. Godfrey was nominated twice for the CASL ‘Knight’ award for outstanding technical leadership and contribution and was selected to receive the award in 2012.  He was a recipient of the 2014 ORNL ‘Awards Night’ team award for outstanding research accomplishment, and was also recognized for advanced reactor simulations on the OLCF supercomputer Titan with the IDC HPC Innovation Excellence award.  He leverages his decades of  experience with commercial LWR reactor methods and analyses to ensure that the research and development performed by CASL will lead to broad industrial deployment and application of its products. 

Prior to joining ORNL, Mr. Godfrey was a member of the advanced methods development team at Global Nuclear Fuel, the nuclear fuel business of General Electric, where he performed design and development of BWR core monitoring software and advanced nodal neutronics methods.  Prior to this position, he was responsible for PWR reactor core design and analyses, and nuclear methods benchmarking and licensing at Duke Energy, primarily supporting the operation and refueling of Oconee Nuclear Station in South Carolina.  

Mr. Godfrey earned his B.S. degree in Nuclear Engineering in 1999 from North Carolina State University, and obtained a professional license to practice engineering in the state of North Carolina in 2003.  Outside of engineering, Mr. Godfrey was a member of the 1996 Drum Corps International World Championships finalist Magic of Orlando.  He currently resides in Oak Ridge with his wife and three daughters, and continues to mentor students in their pursuit of excellence in music. 


2016 R&D 100 Award for the development of VERA, the CASL Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications
2015 Significant Event Award (team) for completion of a CASL Level 1 Milestone which resulted in the simulation of 12 fuel cycles of Watts Bar Nuclear Plant with VERA
2014 Significant Event Award (team) for technical advancements in continuous energy radiation transport modeling and application
2014 International Data Corporation (IDC) HPC Innovation Excellence Award (team) for noteworthy achievements by users of high performance computing technologies
2014 UT-Battelle Awards Night Research Accomplishment Award (team) for outstanding research and accomplishments
2014 CASL ‘Knight’ Award nominee for technical achievement
2013 Significant Event Award (team) for deployment and support of the first CASL ‘Test Stand’
2013 Significant Event Award (team) for the technical advancements in nuclear data processing
2012 CASL ‘Knight’ Award winner for outstanding technical leadership and contributions
2008 GNF Fulfillment Award Winner
University Scholarships
-    ANS        
-    Bechtel Nuclear Power    
-    INPO-    George Washington Clark        
-    Nomination for 1997-1998 Faculty Senior Scholarship for NCSU College of Engineering
-    Nomination for 1997-1998 DOE Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics Fellowship
Member, Magic of Orlando Drum and Bugle Corps, ranked 8th in 1996 DCI World Championships