Alfonso G Tarditi

Alfonso G Tarditi


Dr. Tarditi completed his academic education at the University of Genoa, in Genoa, Italy (B.S. and M.S. degree in Electronics Engineering, Doctorate in Electrical Engineering). He was then awarded a N.A.T.O. fellowship for a post-doctoral appointment at the University of California at Berkeley, in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department.

Dr. Tarditi conducted research in support of the US Dept. of Energy fusion program, first at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Livermore, CA) and at Science Application International Corporation (SAIC, San Diego, CA), involved in modeling and simulation, and high-performance computing. He then worked at the NASA Johnson Space Center (Houston, TX), in the Shuttle, Constellation, and International Space Station programs, focused on both hardware and software R&D in plasma propulsion, electromagnetic compatibility, and space power systems. During that time Dr. Tarditi also developed academic liaisons at University of Houston - Clear Lake (Houston, TX), as Adjunct Professor, and then Research Assistant Professor, in the Physics Department.

Dr. Tarditi then served as a project manager at the Electric Power Research Institute (Knoxville TN), in the Power Delivery and Utilization sector, and as Chief Scientist at NPL Associates Inc. (Urbana, IL), a small firm focused in plasma and nuclear technologies.

More recently, Dr. Tarditi joined the Senior R&D staff at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in the Electrical and Electronics Systems Research Division.

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