Alex A Belianinov

R&D Staff Scientist

I am developing a research program centered around a variety of capabilities related to cleanroom chemistry, materials characterization, and materials data analysis. Specifically, my interest is in developing analytical tools such as high resolution ion microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and electron microscopy; in order to bridge the analysis gap between physical and data sciences. In addition, I am passionate about developing and utilizing data processing algorithms, in order to interface experiment and theory through a common High Performance Computing hardware link.


2016 Recipient, R&D100 Award
2016 Recipient, Microscopy Today Innovations Award
2016 Recipient, Significant Event Award, ORNL
2015 Recipient, Division Award for Distinguished Scientific Paper, CNMS, ORNL
2012 Recipient of the Iowa State University Research Excellence Award
2011 Recipient of the AVS Dorothy M. an Earl S. Hoffman Travel Grant
2010 Recipient of the 1st Place Prize for the best poster at 70th Annual Physical Electronics Conference