Adrian S Sabau

Adrian S Sabau

Senior R&D Staff Member


Dr. Adrian Sabau received his Diploma of Mechanical and Materials Processing Engineer from the University of Craiova, Romania. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Methodist University located in Dallas, TX in 1996.
Dr. Sabau seeks to advance materials processing and materials development for energy applications.
His expertise include the development of controlled experiments, constitutive equations, and
solution algorithms for process simulations and evaluating materials behavior and performance in harsh environments,
involving energy transport, mass transport, and continuum mechanics.


  • R&D 100 Magazine, R&D 100 Award, ACMZ Cast Aluminum Alloys, Shyam A., Haynes J.A., Yamamoto Y., Shin D., Sabau A., Allard L., Watkins T., Porter W., Morris J., Roy S., Maziasz P., McClurg D., Hawkins C., Shower P., and Milligan B.. (and collaborators from Fiat Chrysler Automobile USA and Nemak USA) 2017.
  • ASME Fellow (2016).
  • UT-Battelle Technology Commercialization Award (2014).
  • ORNL Significant Event Award for Development and Demonstration of a High-Heat Flux Testing Facility for Neutron-Irradiated Materials (2013).
  • NFLC National Federal Laboratory Consortium Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer, Pulse Thermal Processing, Blue C.A., Clemos, A., Dudney, N., Duty, C., Harper D., Ott R., Rivard, J., Sabau A., DeTrana, A.G., (2012).
  • R&D 100 Award in Process Sciences, CermaCladTM: Rapid Metal Coating Process, MesoCoat Inc., (Sherman A.J., Engleman G., ORNL (Blue C., Clemos, A., Dudney, N., Duty, C., Harper D., Ott R., Rivard, J., Sabau A., Sikka V.), EMTEC (Martin M.) (2011).
  • R&D 100 Award in Process Sciences, PulseForgeTM 3100 with Pulse Thermal Processing, NovaCentrix, Inc. (Schroder K., Jackson D., McCool S., Pope D., Kierzyk T., Lind D., Rawson I., Sommers R.) and ORNL (Blue C., Clemos, A., Dudney, N., Duty, C., Harper D., Ott R., Rivard, J., Sabau A.) (2009).
  • The Frederick E. Terman Award for academic achievement in Mechanical Engineering, Southern Methodist University, 3.96 GPA, 1994-1995.
  • University of Craiova, Highest ranking among graduating class of 1992.
  • National Merit Scholarship, University of Craiova, Romania, 9.92/10 GPA, 1989-1992.
  • Romanian National Mathematics Olympiad, Mentions, 1985-86 (high school).


General project areas:

  • Materials behavior under high-heat flux (irradiated materials for fusion energy).
  • Plasma-arc lamp processing (coatings, heat treatment).
  • Bimetalic casting (over-casting of Al over steel).
  • Laser Processing (laser interference-structuring of Al and Carbon Fiber Polymer Composites).
  • Geothermal Energy (new working fluids, component design and optimization).
  • Materials Behavior under Severe Environments (Land-based Turbines, Boiler Tubes).
  • Energy Transport; Radiation Transport in Semitransparent Media for Infrared Processing (laser, plasma-arc lamp).
  • Investment Casting (measurement of wax properties, prediction of final casting dimensions, shrinkage casting for mold design).
  • Inverse Analysis for the Thermophysical property Measurements.
  • Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Direct-Chill Casting Process.
  • Prediction Metal Casting Defects (microporosity and hot-tearing).


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Facilities Used

  1. Plasma-arc lamp facility
  2. Laser structuring facility

Specialized Equipment

  1. Metal casting
  2. Software: ABAQUS, ProCAST, Telluride (LANL code), Truchas (LANL code), CUBIT
  3. In-house developed codes in FORTRAN90/C.

Contact Information