Adam M Witt

Adam Witt

Adam M Witt

Hydropower Systems Research Engineer


Dr. Adam Witt is a Hydropower Systems Research Engineer in the Energy Water Resource Systems group within the Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Lab. Adam has research experience in computational modeling of multiphase flows, environmental impact mitigation modeling, hydropower optimization analyses, multipurpose reservoir benefits analysis, energy storage cost modeling, revenue simulation, and financial analysis, and conceptual eco-design of advanced generation and passage technologies.  He received a B.A. in Physics from Carleton College and a PhD in Civil Engineering from the Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory at the University of Minnesota under a fellowship from the Hydro Research Foundation. 


Journal Publications

  1. Witt, A., Gulliver, J., Shen, L. 2018. Numerical investigation of vorticity and bubble clustering in an air entraining hydraulic jump. Computers and Fluids, 172, 162-180.
  2. Witt, A., Stewart, K., Hadjerioua, B. 2017.  Predicting total dissolved gas travel time in hydropower reservoirs.  Journal of Environmental Engineering, 143(12): 06017011.
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  5. Witt, A., Gulliver, J. 2012.  Predicting oxygen transfer efficiency at low-head gated sill structures. Journal of Hydraulic Research, 50(5), 521-531.

Industry Trade Publications

  1. Witt, A., Smith, B., Bevelhimer, M., Fernandez, A., Bishop, N. 2017.  Making small hydropower affordable and acceptable.  Hydro Review, 36(7), 50-55.
  2. Hadjerioua, B., Witt, A., Kern, J., Christian, M.  2017.  Hydropower generation performance testing at plants in Thailand and Laos.  Hydro Review, 36(3), 20-27.
  3. Witt, A., Gulliver, J. 2012.  Method for predicting oxygen transfer at low-head dams. Hydro Review, 31(4), 58-65.

Technical Reports

  1. Witt, A., Smith, B., Tsakiris, A., Papanicolaou, T., Lee, K., Stewart, K., DeNeale, S., Bevelhimer, M., Pries, J., Burress, T., Pracheil, B., McManamay, R., Curd, S., Ekici, K., Kuntz, B., Bishop Jr., N., Fernandez, A., Welch, T., Rabon, D. 2017.  Exemplary Design Envelope Specification for Standard Modular Hydropower Technology, Revision 1. ORNL/TM-2016/298.
  2. Witt, A., Chalise, D., Hadjerioua, B., Bishop, N., Manwaring, M.  2016.  Development and Implications of a Predictive Cost Methodology for Modular Pumped Storage Hydropower (m-PSH) Projects in the United States.  ORNL/TM-2016/590.
  3. Witt, A., Brink, R., Chalise, D., Hadjerioua, B.  2016.  Preliminary Feasibility Study of a Hybrid Solar and Modular Pumped Storage Hydro System at Biosphere 2.  ORNL/TM-2016/591.
  4. Witt, A., Hadjerioua, B., Uria-Martinez, R., Bishop, N. 2015. Evaluation of the Feasibility and Viability of Modular Pumped Storage Hydro (m-PSH) in the United States. ORNL/TM-2015/559.