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NUREG/CR-6361 LWR Fuel Validation Cases: Read Me

LWR Benchmark Cases 7/15/2005 Updated 12/20/2006 NUREG/CR-6361, "Criticality Benchmark Guide for Light-Water-Reactor Fuel in Transportation and Storage Packages," Appendix A, contains SCALE input files for 180 benchmark cases. The original input files were posted on the SCALE Web site in 1997. Two input files from the original were updated in 2000. The files and were replaced with and The models for these two cases come from BAW-1810, and correspond to cores 20 and 18 respectively. In BAW-1810, Cores 18-20 are different from the others, in that they are based on 16X16 Combustion Engineering fuel assemblies as opposed to 15X15 assemblies. These cores end up being 80X80 arrays, while all the rest are 81X81 arrays. However, they were originally modeled as 81X81 arrays in NUREG-6361, and therefore had an extra row and column of fuel pins. The calculated k-eff values for the corrected files were not statistically different from those published in NUREG-6361. These files have been updated for compatibility with SCALE 5 by using GeeWiz to convert them. Some of the files required manual modifications. Most of these were minor adjustments for nuclide distributions that did not sum to 100%. Special thanks to Maik Hennebach of WTI GmbH and Franz Hilbert of Nuclear Cargo + Service GmbH for their contributions to these adjustments. ************************************************************************* NOTE: These files should NOT be used with CENTRM. Many of these files use MORE DATA to input Dancoff factors for additional fuel types. CENTRM does not recognize or use the Dancoff factors input in MORE DATA. The MORE DATA input needs to be replaced with additional LATTICECELL models for the additional fuel types before using these cases with CENTRM. ************************************************************************* The file nureg-cr-6361.exe is a self-extracting WinZIP file that contains the SCALE 5 input files. By default it installs to c:\scale5.1\validation\nureg-cr-6361. The RUNALL.BAT file will run all cases using the batch5 command file. Summary results from the ORNL output files are provided in the "ornl-keff-results.txt" file. The spreadsheet in "ornl-keff-results.xls" compares the SCALE 5 results with the original SCALE 4.3 results. Users can run the RESULTS.BAT file to get the results from their cases to compare with the ORNL results. RESULTS.BAT writes the results to the "keff-results.txt" file. ************************************************************************** Addendum: 12/20/2006 The files have been updated to add "parm=nitawl" to the first line of all cases so that these files will run correctly in both SCALE 5.0 and 5.1.