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Development Program

The Employee Development Path Program provides employees with an opportunity to select a purposeful path for continued career growth at ORNL. Paths are designed to help employees grow core and advanced skills that enhance skills in their current role while preparing them to take the next career step.

The Postdoc Development Path equips postdoctoral fellows with the fundamental skills and baseline knowledge they need to progress their career at ORNL. This path provides a core curriculum with additional elective options aimed at enhancing leadership and communications skills. Classes include:

  • Postdoc Framework for Success
  • Presentation Skills
  • Networking for Professionals
  • Writing for Technical Audiences
  • Preparing Peer-Reviewed Proposals
  • Proposal Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Keys to Landing a Full-time Job
  • Oak Ridge Postdoctoral Association Research Symposium
  • Leadership Skills
  • Your Science in a Nutshell, an annual science communication competition

Postdocs typically finish the Postdoc Development Path before the end of their 2-year fellowship appointment.