Available Technologies


199900691 Bacterial Assay
200301316 Integrated Inverter Control for Multiple Electric Machines
200701874 Power Conversion Apparatus and Method for Hybrid Electric and Electric Vehicle Engines
200701929 Rapid Separation and Detection of Hydrocarbon Fractions in an Exhaust Stream
200701962 Sensor Rapidly Measures the Concentration of Oxygen in Fluids
200802045 Failure Prediction of Complex Structures Under Loading and Environmental Stress
200802130 Optical Backscatter Probe for Sensing Particulate Matter
200802165 Optimized Fuel Formulation and Engine Control Parameters for Advanced Diesel Engine
200802180 Enhancements to WIM for Ease of Use - Modifications and/or Elimination of Load Cell Foot Strap
200802188 Highly efficient 6-stroke engine cycle with water injection
200802196 Adaptation to WIM to permanently anchor to pavement
200902230 Electrical Motor/Generator Drive with Improved Inverter
200902267 Third Harmonics Torque through Two or Four-Phase Windings
200902270 180-Degree-Phase-Span Bobbin-Wound Cores for Electric Machines
201002505 Combined Electric Machine and Current Source Inverter Drive System
201102586 Insitu Oxygen Conduction Into Internal Combustion Chamber
201102622 Phase Separated Glass Films for Use As Supported Nanomembranes
201102627 IMFP Reluctance Motors with Yoke-Wound Coils and Wedge Supports
201102660 Integrated Hot/Cold Thermal Battery for Direct Air Heating/Cooling
201102662 Tunable Thin Liquid/Gas Diffusion Layers for Electrolyzers
201102667 Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles (Related ID#s 200902250, 201102637, 201102638, 201102639,)
201102694 On-Engine Ammonia Detection Using Evanescent Fields
201102759 EGR Distribution and Fluctuation Probe Based on CO2 Measurements
201102768 WPC Using Point of Load Controlled High Frequency Power Converters
201202913 Driver's Feedback System