Available Technologies

Security and Defense, Chemicals

200501549 Enhanced Detection of Toxic Agents
200501614 Robust Low-Frequency Spread-Spectrum Navigation System (Related ID # 200601627)
200501640 Secure Identification of Textiles and Other Consumer Products
200701980 Cyberspace Security Econometrics System
200701995 An Intrusion Detection System Using Quantum-mechanical Systems
200802116 Detection of Latent Prints by Raman Imaging
200802147 System to Interrogate Cargo for Concealed Special Nuclear Materials
200802161 Time and Direction Tagged Gamma Radiography
200902283 Special Nuclear Material Simulation Device
200902302 Multiple source imaging for simultaneous capture of multiple projections
200902331 Shifting Scintillator Neutron Detector
200902343 Cyberspace Security Econometrics System (CSES) Expansion to Address Dependent Events
200902344 Improvements to Neutron Detectors
201002403 CERMET High Level Waste Forms
201002418 Multi-Particle Inspection Using Associate Particle Sources
201002473 Advanced Materials Facilitating Nonlinear Spectral Enhancements Supporting Latent Fingerprint Detection and Acquisition
201002485 Advanced Chlorophyll Fluorometer
201002514 Cyber Security Econometrics System (CSES) for Assessing/Ranking Threats
201102572 Slow and Persistent Phased Keys
201102576 Functional Randomness In Security Tokens
201102590 High Precision Event Localization Scintillator Crystals
201102591 Extension of Graph Theory to Improve Reliability and Vulnerability Modeling
201102659 Protection of Data in Virtual and Physical Computing Environments
201102672 Scenario Driven Data Modelling
201102687 System for Anomaly Detection using Data-Driven Probabilistic Modeling