Available Technologies


199600248 Carbon or Graphite Foam Heating Element for Regulating Engine Fluids
199600248 Thermally Conductive Graphite Foam (Related ID # 199600248, 199800445, 199900728, 199900722, 199900727, 200000788, 200000861, 200201063, 200000892)
199800555 Imprinting Method for Selective Mesoporous Sorbents
199900665 Electrostatically Focused Addressable Field Emission Array Chips for High-Speed Massively Parallel Maskless Digital e-Beam Direct Write Lithography and Scanning Electron Microscopy
199900715 Method of Physical Vapor Deposition of Metal Oxides on Semiconductors and Structures Formed With The Method
199900720 A Table-Top Apparatus for the Single-Atom Detection of C-14
199900722 Casting of Graphite Foams
199900725 Self-Organized Formation of Quantum Dots of a Material On a Substrate
199900726 Buffer Architecture for Biaxially Textured Structures and Method of Fabricating Same
199900727 Extrusion of High Thermal Conductivity Graphite Foam
199900728 High Thermal Conductivity Graphite Foams with Particulate and Fibrous Additives
199900749 Method of Depositing a Protective Layer Over a Biaxially Textured Alloy Substrate and Composition Therefrom
200000788 Improvements to Pitch Based Thermally Conductive Carbon Foam and Composites
200000798 Method of Improving Surface Properties of Aluminum Alloys by Weld Overlay Cladding
200000831 Improved Gas Storage Carbon with Enhanced Thermal Conductivity
200000835 Humidifier for Fuel Cell Using High Conductivity Carbon Foam
200000842 Field Emission Devices with Carbon Nanofiber Emitters
200000850 A Structure, Method and Process for Controlling Band Offset and Alignment at a Crystalline Oxide on Semiconductor Interface
200000853 Inorganic Porous Article and Method of Making Same
200000861 Carbon or Graphite Foam as a Heating Element and System Thereof
200000873 Method of Fabricating a Substrate Having an Extremely Sharp Biaxial Texture and Article Formed Thereby
200000874 Method of Fabricating a Substrate Having an Extremely Sharp Biaxial Texture and Article Formed Thereby
200000875 A Textured, Buffered Substrate and Devices Thereon
200000877 Article and Method of Fabricating Powder-in-Tube and Thick Film Form Superconductors to Obtain High Performance by Simple Microstructural Modification
200000878 Method of Depositing Epitaxial Metal Layers on a Substrate