Available Technologies

Manufacturing, Materials

200401490 Production of Materials with Superior Properties Utilizing High Magnetic Field (Related ID # 200501531, 200701867, 200802085, 200902312, 201002455, 201102675)
200701900 Robust Digital Valve for Prosthetic Finger, Microsurgery, Robotics (Related ID # 200701983, 200802088)
200701972 Manufacturing Biodiesel from Triglycerides (Related ID # 200702012, 200802186)
200701983 Meso-scale Fluidic Digital Valve
200802083 A Hydraulic Flow Control Device by Means of a Digital Poppet Valve
200802088 Miniature shape memory alloy fluid control valve
200902224 Glass Drawing for Wire Arrays
200902231 Nano/Micro Vacuum Triodes Using Glass Fiber Drawing Methods
200902291 Method of Machining Carbon and Graphite foams
200902309 Multi-Winding Homopolar Electric Machine Offers Variable Voltage at Low Rotational Speed
200902312 Zero-force Sample Handling System for High Magnetic Field Environments
200902330 Novel Nanopore Membrane Technology Recovers Energy from Industrial Effluents
201002375 A Nonlinear Resonator and Method for Ultra Sensitive Chemical Detection
201002511 Using Freeform Fabrication to Manufacture Fluidic Articles
201102546 Method for making sodium acrylate-D3 (D2C=CD-CO2Na)
201102622 Phase Separated Glass Films for Use As Supported Nanomembranes
201102632 Providing Plastic Zone Extrusion
201202888 Characterization of Roll-Processed Dielectric Materials
201202941 Novel Flux Coupling Radial-Gap Motor
201303051 Polymers Functionalized by Radiation Induced Grafting Polymerization (RIGP) as an Active and Recyclable Catalyst Support
201303067 Selective Dissolution of Aluminum and Magnesium from Low Value Scrap Material
201303068 Melt Spinning of Fiber for Fused Deposition Manufacturing
201303127 Methods and Materials for Room Temperature Polymer Additive Manufacturing
201303140 Reactive Polymer Fused Deposition Manufacturing
201303151 Method and Materials for Large Scale Polymer Additive Manufacturing