Available Technologies

IT and Communications

199501744 Computational Method for Improved Forewarning of Critical Events (Related ID # 199600264, 199900694, 200000885, 200301300, 200601731, 200902321)
199900665 Electrostatically Focused Addressable Field Emission Array Chips for High-Speed Massively Parallel Maskless Digital e-Beam Direct Write Lithography and Scanning Electron Microscopy
199900692 Passive Pavement-Mounted Acoustical Driver Alert Device
200100950 Auto-Reporting Insect Trap
200101031 Agent-Based Software for Gathering and Summarizing Textual and Internet Information (Related ID # 200401368, 200601759, 200902235, 200902377)
200201083 SensorNet: Rapid Detection of Radiological, Chemical, and Biological Hazards
200201117 SensorNet: Fixed Site Water Sampling
200201118 SensorNet: Fixed Portal Sites
200201122 SensorNet: Low Altitude Radar
200201131 LandScan USA
200301290 Pulse Thermal Processing of Functional Materials Using a Directed Plasma Arc
200301325 Intelligent Software Agents for Enhancing Sensor Networks Monitoring of Changing Conditions
200501572 Novel Instruments Usher in a New Paradigm for Eye Surgery (Cornea NanoPunch and Retina Velcro) (Related ID # 200601838)
200501588 Measurement of Three Dimensional Objects contained in Two Dimensional images
200501614 Robust Low-Frequency Spread-Spectrum Navigation System (Related ID # 200601627)
200601732 Search Method for Real-time Knowledge Discovery Modeled on the Human Brain
200802074 Slow Waveguide Structures for Particle Accelerators
200802126 End-To-End Supply Chain Tracking (Related ID # 200802126, 200902261)
200802135 Detecting and Analyzing Multiple Moving Objects in a Crowd
200902235 Detecting Temporal Precursor Words and Phrases Using a Learning Algorithm and Wavelet Analysis (Related ID # 201002377)
200902244 Triply Redundant Integrated Navigation and Asset Visibility System
200902261 Web-based associative tracking for a loosely-coupled supply chain network (Related ID#s 200802126, 200902236, 200902261)
200902266 Resonator for Coherent Addition of Semiconductor Laser Arrays and Applications for a Solar Pumped Laser Array (Related ID # 200902276)
200902276 Resonator Design for Coherent Addition of Semiconductor Laser Arrays
200902280 System and method for normalizing data for analysis of search results.