Available Technologies

Healthcare and Biology

199900687 Resistive Hydrogen Sensing Element
199900694 Improvements in Condition Assessment of Nonlinear Processes
199900700 Method for the Regeneration of Anion Exchange Resins Loaded with Perchlorate by Catalyzed Electrochemical Reduction
199900706 Aerosol Beam-Focus Laser-Induced Plasma Spectrometer
200000830 Monolythic Analyte Concentrator and Separator for Cantilever Sensors
200000838 Nanoscale Photonic Spectrometer
200000846 Hybrid Valve System for Fluid Handling
200000870 Microwave Thawing Apparatus and Method
200000872 Package for Microwave- Assisted Thawing and Method for Use
200000885 Further Improvements of Condition Assessment of Nonlinear Processes
200000894 Physical Sequencing - A Novel Method of Sequencing Nucleic Acids
200100901 Spherical Ferrite Bead and Method of Making
200100913 Automated Soil Gas Monitoring Chamber
200100927 Photoelectrochemical Molecular Comb
200100942 Succinic Acid Producing E. coli Strain
200100943 DNA and RNA Sequencing by Nanoscale Reading Through Programmable Electrophoresis and Nanoelectrode-Gated Tunneling and Dielectric Detection
200100955 Community Genome Arrays for Detection of Microorganisms in Natural Environments
200100973 A Process for Production of Succinic Acid by Bacteria
200100986 Advanced Synchronous Luminescence Imaging for Chemical and Medical Diagnostics
200100993 Nanoengineered Membranes for Controlled Transport
200201016 Bioceramic Particulate Materials and Method of Making
200201017 Inorganic Optical Taggant and Method of Making
200201052 Advanced Integrated Circuit Multi-Element Chip
200201053 Integrated Tunable Optical Sensor (ITOS) System
200201059 Thermophilic Microorganism Host for Production of Industrial Solvents