Available Technologies

Energy and Utilities, Chemicals

199800649 Method of Depositing Buffer Layers on Biaxially Textured Metal Substrates
199900665 Electrostatically Focused Addressable Field Emission Array Chips for High-Speed Massively Parallel Maskless Digital e-Beam Direct Write Lithography and Scanning Electron Microscopy
199900678 Hybrid Spread-Spectrum Technique for Expanding Channel Capacity
199900685 Universal Thermochemical Energy Converter
199900690 Magnetically Tunable Resonance Frequency Beam Utilizing a Stress-Sensitive Film
199900692 Passive Pavement-Mounted Acoustical Driver Alert Device
199900693 Means for Controlling the Set of Carbon-Fiber Embedded Cement with an Electric DC Current
199900694 Improvements in Condition Assessment of Nonlinear Processes
199900703 Off Phase Line Charged Voltage Sag Support Device
199900704 Hybrid-Secondary Uncluttered (HSU) Induction Machine
199900707 Method to Enhance Features Indicative of Monitored System Degradation
199900714 Energy-Efficient Steel Stud
199900716 Constant Power Speed Range Extension of Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Motors
199900718 High Payload, Low Cost, Repairable Six-Axis Force-Torque Sensor
199900719 Diagnostic Monitor for Carbon Fiber Processing
199900723 Auxiliary Quasi-Resonant DC Tank Electrical Power Converter
199900725 Self-Organized Formation of Quantum Dots of a Material On a Substrate
199900726 Buffer Architecture for Biaxially Textured Structures and Method of Fabricating Same
200000741 Automatic Detection of Bone Fragments in Poultry
200000782 Droplet Acoustic Wave Sensors
200000784 Method for the Enhancement of Aqueous Cleaning Operations
200000785 Bulk Metallic Glass Surgical Tools and Orthopedic Implants
200000789 Device for Separating CO2 from Fossil Power Plant Emissions
200000791 Wheel Reaction Force Sensing Apparatus/Whole-Vehicle Brake Tester
200000796 Fossil Fuel Combined Cycle Power System