Available Technologies

Detectors and Sensors, Materials

200100929 Modified Design for a Michelson-, Mach-Zehner-, or general, Off-Axis- Type- Interferometer
200100933 Technique for Obtaining Two-Wavelength Differential-Phase Direct-to-Digital Heterodyned Holograms
200100965 Off-Axis Illumination for Improved Resolution in Direct-to-Digital Holography
200100966 Content-Based Off-Axis Illumination for Direct-to-Digital Holography
200201195 Method for Recording Multiple Spatially-Heterodyned Direct-to-Digital SHHs in One Digital Image
200201196 Method for Faster Processing of Multiple Spatially-Heterodyned Direct to Digital Holograms
200301224 A System for High-Speed Transmissive Spatial-Heterodyne Interferometric Measurements
200301225 High-Speed Transmission and Reflection Measurements using Spatial-Heterodyne Interferometry for Complete Inspection/Metrology of Translucent Objects
201202863 Biometric Eye Model and Ray Tracing for Improved Iris Recognition
201303163 Extreme Filter for Low-Output Thermocouples in High EMI Environments
201303179 Internal Tube Inspection System
201303223 Extending the Range of Turbidity Measurement Using Polarimetry
201403303 High-Gradient Permanent Magnetic Separator for Particle Collection
201403354 Digital Discrimination Methods for Gamma-Insensitive Neutron Detectors
201503453 Direct Write Sensors
201503516 A System for Bounding the Alert Rate of Streaming Anomaly Detectors
201503603 Broadband Infrared Standoff Spectroscopy with Interferometric Multilaser Pump-Probe Excitation-Detection
201503614 Device for Measuring Molten Salt Corrosion
201603623 Improved Nonlinear Interferometer
201603624 Tampering Detection in Digital Recordings Using Electric Network Frequency and Phase Angle
201603657 Magnetic Field Sensing for Tamper-Indicating Devices
201603670 Improved Divalent-Ion-Doped Single Crystal Alkali Halide Scintillators
201603727 Safety-Check Voltage Probe
201603744 Quantum Cascade Laser Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy for Online Monitoring of Aqueous Chemical Processing
201603763 Gas Sensors Enabled by Phase-Separated Nanostructured Metal-Oxide Thin Films