Available Technologies

Chemicals, Materials

199800555 Imprinting Method for Selective Mesoporous Sorbents
199800649 Method of Depositing Buffer Layers on Biaxially Textured Metal Substrates
199900686 Microfluidic Devices for the Controlled Manipulation of Small Volumes
199900700 Method for the Regeneration of Anion Exchange Resins Loaded with Perchlorate by Catalyzed Electrochemical Reduction
199900749 Method of Depositing a Protective Layer Over a Biaxially Textured Alloy Substrate and Composition Therefrom
199900772 Programmable Nanometer-Scale Metal Bonding to Single Molecules by Electrolytic Deposition and Depletion
200000806 Flow Cytometry Using Electroosmotically Induced Pressures
200000812 Method for Sequencing Nucleic Acids
200000815 Standoff Tissue-Based Biosensors
200000845 Positron Lifetime System for dc Positron Beams
200000869 Metallization of Bacterial Cellulose for Electrical and Electronic Device Manufacture
200000884 Method of Restoring Sight to Blind Persons
200100899 Catalyst- Induced Growth of Carbon Nanotubes on Tips of Cantilevers and Nanowires
200100918 Cell Transport, Lysis and Analysis on Microfluidic Devices
200100947 Boron Loaded Scintillator
200100948 Precursor Soot Synthesis of Fullerenes and Nanotubes without Carbonaceous Soot
200100968 Melt-spun Carbon Fiber Precursors Containing Lignin
200100974 Real-Time Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry of Ultra High Mass Species
200100982 Biological, chemical, and chemical reaction sensor with detection capability for nanometer size samples
200100997 Thermal Destruction of Perchlorate in Ferric Chloride Regenerant Solution
200101018 Separation and Counting of Single Molecules through Nanofluidics, Programmable Electrophoresis, and Nanoelectrode-Gated Molecular Detection
200201048 3D Photonic Structures from Actively Assembled Polymer-Blend Microspheres
200201104 Real-Time Detection and Assessment of Chemical and Biological Threats
200201127 Deposition of Bone-like Calcium Phosphate in Bacterial Cellulose Matrix
200201155 New Precursor Route to Produce Epitaxial Oxide Buffers on Biaxially Textured Metal and Alloy Substrates