Available Technologies


199700361 Neutron Detection Using an Embedded Sol-Gel Neutron Absorber
199700370 Bioluminescent Bioreporter Integrated Circuits
199900683 Microscale Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
200101009 Automated Sampling for Microarray Readout Using Electrospray Mass Spectrometry
200201069 Planar Flow-By Electrode Capacitive Electrospray Ion Source
200201145 Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Radiation Detection
200301290 Pulse Thermal Processing of Functional Materials Using a Directed Plasma Arc
200401367 Composite Solid-State Scintillators for Neutron Detection
200501505 Resistive-Glass Drift Tube for Use as a Controlled Kinetic Energy Ion Source
200601675 Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Rapid, Ultra-sensitive Detection of Environmental Pollutants
200601703 Adaptive band excitation method in Scanning Probe Microscopy
200601737 Microcantilever Counter Electrode Electrochemical Sensor in a Three-Electrode Cell
200701878 Real-Time Airborne Particle Analyzer
200701918 New Methods in Motion Tracking to Generate Motion-Corrected Tomographic Images
200701981 Nanoscopic Electrode Molecular Probes
200701985 Real-Time Ion Mobility Sensor System
200702011 In-Vessel Torsional Ultrasonic Wave-Based Level Measurement System
200702015 Improved Lithium-Loaded Liquid Scintillators for Neutron Detection
200802031 Method for Confidence Metric in Optic Disk Location in Retinal Images
200802034 Material-Independent Design of Photoluminescent Systems
200802037 Trapping and Measuring Charged Particles in Liquids
200802056 Photo acoustic Micro cantilevers for Spectroscopy
200802066 Nanomechanical Sensor Detects and Identifies Chemical Analytes
200802075 Pulsed voltage Electrospray Ion Source for Mass Spectroscopy
200802137 Photoacoustic Point Spectroscopy