Postdoctoral Programs

Welcome to the ORNL Postdoctoral Program

The mission of the Postdoctoral Program is three-fold:

  1. Maintain and raise the quality of highly qualified postdoctoral scholars at ORNL appointed to accomplish the laboratory mission
  2. Deliver a worthwhile research and professional development experience for ORNL postdoctoral scholars
  3. Promote networking among postdocs, early-career staff and established researchers across organizational boundaries at ORNL and beyond, into academia, industry, and government sectors

The postdoctoral program has several components:

  • A research experience, working with highly qualified researchers on some of the most challenging problems, making use of some of the foremost national capabilities and international user facilities
  • A professional development program based around core competencies identified by the National Postdoctoral Association
  • An ORNL Postdoctoral Association to promote the research and cultural lives of our postdocs

The goals of ORNL Postdoctoral Association are to provide the postdoctoral community an opportunity to meet and exchange views, influence the professional development offered by the ORNL, and provide a representative voice to the ORNL Postdoctoral Program Advisory Council.

Postdoc appointments

Starting on January 1st, 2013, postdoctoral appointments are full-time temporary appointments at ORNL. Postdoctoral appointments normally will be set for two years, subject to available funding and satisfactory performance. In general, candidates must be nearing graduation or have received their degree within the past five years, and have had no more than one previous postdoc experience elsewhere, and no previous postdoctoral appointment at ORNL, to be eligible for a postdoctoral research appointment at ORNL.

Postdoctoral Programs Brochure


2015 Oak Ridge Postdoctoral Executive Committee Awards Presentation (hi-res image)

2015 Research Symposium Award Winners, Sponsored by Oak Ridge Postdoctoral Association (ORPA) (hi-res image)