Entrepreneurial Development Programs

Partnerships staff believes that one of the very best ways to foster economic development in the region and state is to support the creation of new start-ups businesses that can will license ORNL technology and focus on developing commercial applications. We devote significant time on entrepreneurial activities each year, including:

  • Technology Innovation Program -
  • Bridging the Gap - ORNL hosts a major annual celebration of technology commercialization and entrepreneurship called Bridging the Gap. This event is open to the public for registration. The audience has opportunities to hear about promising technology commercialization opportunities, meet with lab leadership and entrepreneurially-minded staff, and learn from others who have successfully collaborated with ORNL.
  • SPARK! - Partnerships staff hosts an event each year at which some of ORNL’s most promising technologies are presented to a small group of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts, who provide valuable feedback about potential market applications and collaborators.
  • Tech 20/20 Center for Entrepreneurial Growth ORNL and Tech 20/20 created the Center for Entrepreneurial Growth in 2000 to provide experienced coaching and counseling to entrepreneurs and start-up companies related to ORNL technologies. The CEG program has since expanded significantly, and many organizations throughout the region call on Tech 20/20 to provide these expert services.