Additive Manufacturing Cluster Strategy

As the nation's premier research laboratory, ORNL is one of the world's most capable resources for transforming the next generation of scientific discovery into solutions for rebuilding and revitalizing America's manufacturing industries. The lab's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility offers distinctive world-leading capabilities in manufacturing and materials research technologies and characterization facilities that leverage previous and on-going government investments.

ORNL’s expertise in material synthesis, characterization, and process technology will assist manufacturing industries in conducting assessments of new fabrication concepts and methods for improving existing technologies.

Manufacturing Demonstration Facility The Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) offers a fertile environment for innovation, ensuring that new technologies and design methodologies are developed in the United States and high-tech enterprises have the infrastructure to flourish here. Such critical advances in manufacturing technologies will provide the basis for high-quality jobs for Americans and sustain US competitiveness in the 21st century.

The MDF provides physical and virtual tools from design to evaluation for rapidly prototyping new technologies and optimizing essential manufacturing processes. These technologies can reduce energy intensity, lower carbon emissions, create lower-cost production pathways, and enhance the competitiveness of US advanced manufacturing industries.

The MDF capabilities are focused in the following technology areas:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Carbon Fiber and Composites
  • Roll-to-Roll Processing
  • Lightweight Metals Processing
  • Magnetic Field Processing
  • Low-Temperature Materials Synthesis

Regional Advanced Manufacturing Partnership The Regional Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (RAMP) is a focus of the Advanced Manufacturing Prototype Center of East Tennessee (AMP!) program led by Tech 20/20, RAMP aims to create a sustainable, high-performing Advanced Manufacturing Industry Cluster in a 20 county region of East Tennessee, where manufacturers from potentially disparate disciplines collaborate to develop and apply innovative technology to their existing operations; develop and foster a reliable, mature supply chain in the region; and develop and retain a properly trained next-generation workforce.

Workforce Development

ORNL has partnered with Tech 20/20, Pellissippi State Community College and the University of Tennessee – Center for Industrial Service to establish the Advanced Manufacturing Prototype Center of East Tennessee (AMP!). These programs support the robust supply of talented individuals available to companies interested in investing in advanced manufacturing activities, providing a synergy between building a regional labor market and sustaining innovation capacity.  AMP! will help ensure that the region has an adequate supply of talent to support the manufacturing industry as it grows in the region.

RAMP’s mission is to lead the creation of an Advanced Manufacturing Industry Cluster through regional engagement and participation in:

  • Development and implementation of manufacturing and process technologies
  • Development and retention of a capable and competent workforce
  • Development of a mature, local advanced manufacturing supply chain
  • Development of an integrated network of advanced manufacturers to increase awareness and access to regional assets