Corporate Fellows

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  • Mike Simpson

    Mike Simpson (2014)

    Since 2001, Mike Simpson has been a group leader for the Nanofabrication Research Laboratory and theme leader in the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences. His research focus includes noise biology, nano-enabled synthetic biology and controlled synthesis and directed assembly of carbon nanostructures.
  • Jerry Tuskan

    Jerry Tuskan (2014)

    Jerry is recognized for distinguished research on the genetic basis of tree growth and development, including leading the international efforts to sequence, assemble, and annotate the genomes of poplar and eucalyptus bioenergy feedstocks.
  • Witold Nazarewicz

    Witold Nazarewicz (2013)

    For outstanding scientific leadership in nuclear physics and foundational work in developing and applying nuclear density functional theory to atomic nuclei
  • Bobby Sumpter

    Bobby Sumpter (2013)

    For outstanding scientific impact in computational soft matter and nanoscience through cross-discipline collaboration to address materials problems and discover new functional materials
  • Stan Wullschleger

    Stan Wullschleger (2013)

    For outstanding leadership and pioneering research in climate and the environmental sciences
  • Paul J Hanson

    Paul Hanson (2012)

    For environmental-effects research related to energy technologies and their use, focusing on the impacts of climate and atmospheric changes on the physiology, growth, and biogeochemical cycles of North American forest ecosystems.
  • Brian C Sales

    Brian Sales (2012)

    For pioneering research and development of new materials for advanced energy technologies, including materials for (a) the storage of nuclear waste, (b) the solid-state generation of electrical power directly from heat, and (c) the lossless transport of electricity.
  • Budhendra L Bhaduri

    Budhendra Bhaduri (2011)

    For his role in conceiving, designing, and implementing novel geocomputational methods to help solve a wide variety of national and global problems in energy, the environment, and national security.
  • Sheng Dai

    Sheng Dai (2011)

    For pioneering studies of the functionality of mesoporous oxides and carbons for real-world applications, ionic liquids for chemical separation and materials synthesis, and catalysis by nanomaterials.
  • Michael K Miller

    Michael Miller (2010)

    For his pioneering research in atom probe field-ion microscopy and atom probe tomography, most recently to understand the unprecedented properties and behaviors of nanostructured ferritic steels.
  • Jon A Kreykes

    Jon Kreykes (2009)

    For far-reaching accomplishments on national security issues relating to nuclear weapons proliferation, security of nuclear materials, and counterterrorism.
  • David J Singh

    David Singh (2009)

    For contributions to the methodology for electronic structure calculations and in applications to diverse classes of materials.
  • B Richard Bass

    B Bass (2008)

    For outstanding scientific, programmatic, and institutional contributions to ORNL in advanced computational structural mechanics and nuclear safety technologies.
  • C Stuart Daw

    C Daw (2008)

    For pioneering the application of chaos theory and nonlinear dynamics to energy technologies, including gas-fluidized beds, internal combustion engines, and pulsed combustion.
  • Amit Goyal (2008)

    For pioneering research and distinguished contributions to the field of high-temperature superconductors, including fundamental materials science advances and technical innovations that enable commercialization.
  • Stephen E Nagler

    Stephen Nagler (2007)

    For his pioneering contributions to the study of nonequilibrium systems, quantum magnetism, and excitations in condensed matter.
  • Richard J Norby

    Richard Norby (2007)

    For his research on the effects of elevated levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide on terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Nageswara Rao

    Nageswara Rao (2006)

    For contributions to high-performance networking and multiple-sensor fusion and for developing a unifying theory of information fusion.
  • Charles Forsberg

    Charles Forsberg (2006)

    For his leadership in light-water reactor development, reactor safety, and the disposition of uranium waste.
  • Robert J Harrison

    Robert Harrison (2005)

    For studies of the electronic structure of molecules, computational chemistry, and high-performance algorithms and computing.
  • Thomas G Thundat

    Thomas Thundat (2005)

    For developments in biomedical engineering and biotechnology, micromechanical devices, and nanoscale imaging and detection.
  • Anthony Mezzacappa (2005)

    For research in the fields of astrophysics and supernova science.
  • James R Beene

    James Beene (2004)

    For innovative research in nuclear structure physics, particularly in areas leading to a quantitative understanding of the excitation and decay of the elementary collective modes of nuclei, and for vision and scientific and technical leadership in building the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility into a forefront laboratory for nuclear science.
  • Steven J Zinkle

    Steven Zinkle (2004)

    For leadership and pioneering research in the fundamental effects of radiation on a broad range of metals and ceramics applicable to fission and fusion energy systems.
  • Kenneth W Tobin

    Kenneth Tobin, Jr (2003)

    For outstanding contributions to the field of applied computer vision research and development that address important national interests in industrial and economic competitiveness, biomedical measurement science, and national security.