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Woman with dark brown hair pulled back into a bun holds a clipboard

Sara Martinez ensures the safety and longevity of aging structures at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, employing her engineering expertise to protect against natural disasters and extend the lifespan of critical facilities.

Guy in blue button down shirt crossing his arm and leaning against a wall.

Phani Ratna Vanamali Marthi, an R&D associate in the Power Systems Resilience group at ORNL, has been elevated to the grade of senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the world’s largest technical professional organization

Four thermometers are pictured across the top of the image with an image of a city in the bottom left, with a color block version of that city in the bottom right.

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed free data sets to estimate how much energy any building in the contiguous U.S. will use in 2100. These data sets provide planners a way to anticipate future energy needs as the climate changes.

4 images starting with a woman in a purple long sleeve and white sun hat; woman in black sleeveless blouse with blond hair; man in blue suit and tie ; man with blue collared shirt and glasses.

Four ORNL scientists started their professional careers as staff scientists in the Distinguished Staff Fellowship program, a highly competitive, prestigious program for young scientists to begin a lifetime vocation in research at the lab.

In this artist’s conception of the process, an automated deposition system places a new material onto a base material (purple beam, right) as the last sample that was made is analyzed and sent to the AI (green beams, brain, left). The AI tells the pulsed laser deposition machine what to do next (data cable, bottom).

Today, scientific discovery is accelerated by automated experiments, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. A novel tool developed at ORNL that leverages those technologies has demonstrated that AI can influence materials synthesis and conduct associated experiments without human supervision. 

Rectangular box being lifted by a red pully system up the left side of the building

Researchers at ORNL and the University of Maine have designed and 3D-printed a single-piece, recyclable natural-material floor panel tested to be strong enough to replace construction materials like steel. 

Dr. Prasanna Balaprakash speaks at the Plenary session during the 2024 National Science Bowl®

Prasanna Balaprakash, a national leader in artificial intelligence, or AI, spoke to some of the highest achieving students in the country at the National Science Bowl in Washington D.C.

Three team members looking at plants stand in front of a mountain scene, two are in orange safety vests.

When Oak Ridge National Laboratory's science mission takes staff off-campus, the lab’s safety principles follow. That’s true even in the high mountain passes of Washington and Oregon, where ORNL scientists are tracking a tree species — and where wildfires have become more frequent and widespread.

Students gather at a poster session

Purdue University hosted more than 100 attendees at the fourth annual Quantum Science Center summer school. Students and early-career members of the QSC —headquartered at ORNL — participated in lectures, hands-on workshops, poster sessions and panel discussions alongside colleagues from other DOE National Quantum Information Science Research Centers. 

ORNL researchers and communications specialists took part in the inaugural AI Expo for National Competitiveness in Washington D.C, May 7 and 8, showcasing how the lab and the Department of Energy are leading the way in utilizing AI.

ORNL researchers and communications specialists took part in the inaugural AI Expo for National Competitiveness in Washington D.C, May 7 and 8, to showcase and provide insight into how the lab is leading the way for utilizing the vast possibilities of AI.