Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate

Who We Are

ORNL’s energy and environmental research agenda plays a pivotal role in America’s clean energy future. Scientists and engineers are delivering scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs in support of US Department of Energy missions, offering a unique culture of entrepreneurship for translating science into solutions for the most critical problems facing society at the nexus of energy, environment and security.
Our research community works with many of America’s best innovators and businesses to research, develop, and demonstrate cutting-edge technologies and to break down market barriers in sustainable transportation, renewable power, and energy efficiency for homes, buildings and manufacturing.
From exploring the genetics of poplar trees for use in biofuel production to uncovering the potential for using byproducts of this process in advanced materials for automotive and wind technologies, we bring together multidisciplinary teams together to address key issues spanning basic to applied disciplines with a focus on delivering innovative solutions to environmental, engineering, and manufacturing dimensions of energy and climate.