UT-Battelle Awards Night

  • Jeffrey Vetter

    Distinguished Researcher

    Jeffrey Vetter - For advancing innovative, transformative architectures and software for high-performance computing (HPC). His efforts have been integral in the development of extreme-scale, energy-efficient, productive HPC systems for many important Department of Energy applications, resulting in positive impacts on the most powerful computing systems in the...
  • Alex Puretsky

    Distinguished Researcher

    Alex Puretzky - For sustained and distinguished research accomplishments at ORNL and consistent excellence in science and technology. His contributions in nanomaterials synthesis and laser spectroscopy helped lay the groundwork for nanoscience at ORNL and for establishment of the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (CNMS).  The science he has developed at...
  • Research Accomplishment

    Amit Shyam, Dongwon Shin, Lawrence Allard Jr, Yukinori Yamamoto, James Haynes, Thomas Watkins, Adrian Sabau, Wally Porter, Charles Hawkins, Dana McClurg - For use of integrated, modern materials science approaches and key ORNL capabilities, including high-performance computing, to develop and test a new class of advanced aluminum alloys on a significantly accelerated schedule. The alloys—tested within an automotive engine—offer remarkable levels of elevated-temperature mechanical properties, thermal...
  • Research Accomplishment

    Wayne Joubert, Daniel Jacobson - For profound contributions to the field of high-performance computing by breaking an exascale performance barrier and achieving a peak throughput of 2.31 exaops on the Summit supercomputer. This achievement occurred while they were analyzing genomic data for computational explorations of hidden networks of genes in plants and animals, such as...
  • Joint Faculty

    Cristian Batista - For exceptional collaborative theoretical and experimental investigations of quantum materials. He has initiated several collaborations—with both ORNL researchers and internationally prominent theorists—that are significantly enhancing the scientific impact of research taking place with ORNL’s neutron scattering programs.
  • Early-Career Researcher

    Kevin Field - For advancing science in the field of nuclear materials and for high-level engagement in the science community through student mentorship and leadership within professional societies.
  • Early-Career Researcher

    Robert Bridges - For notable contributions in mathematics, specifically in the mathematical foundations for anomaly detection applied to cybersecurity, GPU power consumption, and vehicle security.
  • Postdoctoral Researcher

    Aleksandr Ivanov - For outstanding application of electronic structure methods in chemical separations of heavy elements and the development of structure–property relationships in functional nanostructured adsorbent materials at the molecular level. Such applications have enabled significant advances in the selective recovery of uranium and critical metals from...
  • Postdoctoral Researcher

    Ngoc Nguyen - For the successful design of a polymeric product and 3D-printed lignocellulosic materials by investigating research objectives while exploiting diverse polymer processing and characterization tools.
  • Graduate Student Researcher

    Victoria Distefano - For exemplary research and impact through scientific publications as a Bredesen Center graduate student, for contributing to society by interning for a Tennessee state legislator and helping craft the state’s 2017 energy policy, and for leadership of and service to fellow graduate students and early career researchers.
  • Mentor of Early-Career Researchers

    Thomas Evans - For outstanding sustained mentorship of early career staff, including intellectual leadership and professional development, critical thinking and skills development, and continuous inspiration and encouragement. His efforts have guided researchers whose individual and team technical contributions in development and application of high-performance...
  • Mentor of Student Researchers

    Robert Hettich - For teaching and mentoring dozens of students at all levels of post-secondary education, most notably 20 Ph.D. students who conducted their dissertation research at ORNL before graduation. Under his mentorship and in connection with his faculty positions at the University of Tennessee, these students have collectively coauthored 108 peer-reviewed...
  • Technical Support for Research

    Joseph Giaquinto, Tamara Keever, Marc Chattin, Haley Hesse, John Partridge, Lisa Duncan - For excellence in technical support for the demonstration and production of actinium-227 through the activation of radium-226 targets. The team’s efforts directly contributed to the project that led to the qualification of ORNL as a worldwide supplier of Ac-227 and the establishment of a 10-year contract between the DOE Isotope Program and Bayer...
  • Inventor of the Year

    Govindarajan Muralidharan - For leadership in the development of cast and wrought alloys for use in harsh, high-temperature environments (with applications in industrial and chemical process environments, advanced nuclear reactors, and high-efficiency light and heavy-duty engines) and for establishing industry partnerships to enable commercialization of these alloys.
  • Technology Transfer

    Brian Davison - For development of two technologies that resulted in significant revenue for ORNL through licensing agreements and for support of other potential commercialization efforts. He coinvented a process, licensed to Vertimass, to upgrade ethanol into hydrocarbon fuels, and led a multi-institutional team developing a biological route to succinic acid,...
  • Research Leadership, Group Level

    Bobby Sumpter - For ongoing and exemplary leadership at the group level by encouraging cross-directorate collaborations and by creating an extraordinarily productive environment, resulting in successful careers, external recognition, and sustained funding for ORNL theorists and experimentalists.
  • Research Leadership, Division Level

    Xin Sun - For distinguished organizational, programmatic, and technical leadership as director of the Energy and Transportation Science Division. Her leadership has strengthened applied energy programs, improved integration of unique ORNL scientific expertise and user facilities, expanded technical capabilities and scientific output, and increased...
  • Mission Support

    Michael Baumgartner, Douglas Bruce, Michael Dayton, John Denison, Christi Elam, Linda Farr, Nate Foster, Kevin Hamby, Scott Helus, Jim Janney, Mark Lyttle, David Proveaux - For successful execution of the complex, high-consequence replacement of the Spallation Neutron Source inner reflector plug. This process required creativity, forethought, and real-time decision-making to restore the proper neutron flux to the SNS instruments, eliminate ongoing challenges to the integrity of the core vessel boundary, and minimize...
  • Mission Support by an Administrative Assistant

    Jennifer Bultman - For exceptional administrative support to the Energy Frontier Research Center for Energy Dissipation to Defect Evolution Project, the Materials Science and Technology Division (MSTD) Strategic Partnership Projects, and the MSTD Alloy Behavior and Alloy Design Group. Her efficiency, flexibility, attention to detail, and persistence have yielded...
  • Mission Support by Bargaining Unit Staff

    Mark Delph, Rick Bowman, Tony Davis, Andrew Simmons, Clay G. Morris, Kristin Herrell, Jeffrey Rose - For operations support for R&D customers in Building 3025E and for successfully maintaining and operating a category 3 nonreactor nuclear facility. The staff members overcame operational and schedule challenges to support their customers, resulting in significant scientific output in the form of publications, reports, product materials, and...
  • Mission Support Leadership, Group Level

    Sang-Ho Kim - For extraordinary leadership of the Spallation Neutron Source’s  Superconducting Linac System (SCL) Group and for researching and developing techniques to improve output energy of the SCL, thus achieving the fundamental milestone of 1 GeV for the SNS facility.
  • Community Outreach

    Douglas Peplow - For passionate dedication to developing new, innovative, and creative methods of introducing nuclear science to the next generation through sustained commitment to the Boy Scouts of America organization.
  • Community Outreach

    Tom Bundy - For service and leadership to community initiatives that enhance resident wellness and economic prosperity in Anderson County and beyond. He has voluntarily served with, and provided leadership to, local and international organizations working in areas of suicide prevention, grief recovery, and economic development to aid distressed populations.
  • Science Communicator

    Julie Ezold - For leadership in communicating the importance and impact of nuclear science to numerous groups through interactive presentations, program coordination, and community outreach. Her communication efforts and advocacy of ORNL’s nuclear science have reached thousands in East Tennessee and beyond.
  • Mission Support

    Marty Milburn, Jason Cook, Donald Caverly, Charles Nevius, Bruce Walker, James Parfitt, Daniel Bettinger, Steven Hinds, Brad Tinker, Joshua Dryman, Samuel Lawson - For dedicated contributions to the mission success of ORNL’s californium-252, plutonium-238, and plutonium-beryllium programs; for working expanded shifts to meet program demands and challenges; and for innovative approaches to waste minimization in compliance with new, more restrictive waste management requirements.