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Used Fuel Systems

The Used Fuel Systems Group at ORNL focuses on a number of used/spent fuel related areas, including: fuel characterization using advanced modeling and simulation capabilities, fuel material characterization using ORNL’s world-class experimental facilities, implementation and planning for near-term offsite storage, associated transportation and disposal of spent fuel, and spent fuel package testing. This group is comprised of technical staff and project managers with significant expertise in facility design, systems analyses, reactor physics, regulatory compliance, computational modeling and simulation, spent fuel storage, spent fuel transportation, and spent fuel repository design and licensing. By leveraging ORNL-developed computational software, RNSD’s technical expertise, and programmatic management experience, this group is providing solutions to complex and challenging spent fuel issues of national importance. 


Expand capabilities for assessing and addressing issues related to the continued safety, security, and safeguarding of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and high level waste (HLW) from the time it is discharged from the reactor to the time it is dispositioned.


Leverage subject matter expertise and capabilities to develop and apply foundational information and resources that integrate data, experiments, and analyses needed to support future waste management system implementation decisions and actions as well as address aging and safety of storing, transporting, and disposing of SNF and HLW.

Major Sponsors:

DOE Office of Nuclear Energy

DOE Office of Environmental Management

U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission