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Sensors and Embedded Systems Group

Developing specialized sensor and instrumentation solutions for energy and national security

The Sensors and Embedded Systems (SES) Group develops novel or specialized sensor technologies, complex instrumentation systems that require special attention to sensor integration details, and conducts feedback control-related modeling and algorithm R&D in order to advance the state of the art of measurement technologies, methods, and their use in energy and national security applications. The SES Group conceives, designs, develops, tests, and deploys prototypic sensors and systems for applications that advance science, improve energy efficiency, or enhance national security. Specializing in harsh environment sensors, sensor systems integration, and solving multidisciplinary measurement problems, SES has a long history of innovation and commercialization of sensors. Recent developments in the SES Group include: integrated sensor platforms for infrastructure security and operational monitoring, including visualization and cyber- and physical security of the power grid; in situ monitoring to provide crucial data for advanced manufacturing applications such as carbon fiber production and metals manufacturing; high temperature and high radiation microelectronics, electronics and sensors for energy applications; novel approaches for monitoring wellbore integrity during fossil energy and geothermal energy production; and low-cost sensor platforms for monitoring energy usage in buildings and homes to enhance energy efficiency. SES Group researchers are also leveraging their knowledge of physics, instrumentation and controls to develop technology to protect the safety of electrical workers and first responders, and to advance energy systems in the extreme environment of molten salt.