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Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing

Advancing battery and energy storage research

The Roll-to-Roll (R2R) Manufacturing Research Group leverages cross-disciplinary strengths in the areas of energy storage and conversion, electrochemistry, 2-D materials, porous materials, graded and pattern structures, sensors and detectors, formulation chemistry, colloidal science, coating deposition, R2R processing science, hydrogen compatibility of materials, superhydrophobicity, thermal insulation films, polymer dynamics and composites, and in-line metrology.

Applications of interest include advanced batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, flexible displays, flexible electronics, window films, flexible photovoltaics, dehumidification, desalination, acoustic sensors, photodetectors, nanostructured polymers, metal hydride alloys, concentrated solar power components, and electrochromic films.  Major laboratories operated by the R2R Manufacturing Group include the DOE Battery Manufacturing, and the Hydrogen Permeation and Pressure-Temperature Cycling Facilities located at ORNL.