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Energy Efficiency Research and Analysis Group

Striving for more energy efficient and resilient residential, commercial and industrial sectors

The Energy Efficiency Research and Analysis Group’s primary mission is to research, analyze, and disseminate knowledge on energy efficiency and to develop, deploy and promote impactful practices and technologies in the field of energy efficiency. The group’s energy efficiency technology deployment efforts cover manufacturing sites, commercial buildings (including federal facilities), and residential homes.

​​​​​​​Group objectives include: deploying energy efficient technologies and practices, including strategic energy management and combined heat and power across manufacturing, commercial buildings, and residential sectors; undertaking applied research projects in energy efficiency; training professionals from the manufacturing industry and students from universities and community schools in energy efficiency; helping workforce development cater to the energy efficiency market; and developing and disseminating energy efficiency training programs (online, classroom-based, and field-based trainings) for small-medium and large sized industrial facilities.