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Computational Urban Sciences Group

The Computational Urban Sciences Group is comprised of a multi-disciplinary set of scientists carrying out applied research at the intersection of computing and complex urban systems in the emerging environment of smart cities, energy infrastructures, a modernizing electric grid, smarter and sustainable mobility, responsive buildings, changing impacts of severe weather and climate, data driven emergency response, and resiliency. The advances are enabled by the growing body of technologies that includes big-data, high-performance computing, modeling and simulation, machine learning, and visualization. 


12th International Workshop on Computational Transportation Science (IWCTS 2019)
(co-located with ACM SIGSPATIAL 2019)

Chicago, Illinois
November 5 - 8, 2019

The 12th International Workshop on Computational Transportation Science (IWCTS 2019) is particularly timely given the prominence of connected automated vehicles technologies in the global auto industry’s near-term growth strategies, of big data analytics, and unprecedented access to sensing data of mobility, and of integration of this analytics into the optimization of mobility and transport. These developments are deeply computational. We will build upon the success of previous workshops to continue to focus on connectivity, protocols, computation, knowledge discovery, and technology aspects of transportation systems while welcoming research papers in computer science, transportation science, civil engineering, urban and regional planning, urban sensing technologies, V2V and V2I, automotive transformations, connected autonomous vehicles, geography and geo-informatics, and other related disciplines. We will be organizing a panel alongside paper presentations / keynote. We seek to invite eminent people from industry, academia, and laboratories.