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Active User Projects


Proposal Cycle 2023B: expire July 31, 2024

Proposal Cycle 2023A: expire January 31, 2024

Proposal  Cycle 2022B: (extended) expire July 31, 2024

Proposal Cycle 2022A: (extended): expire January 31, 2024



Information on Requests for Extension of CNMS User Projects can be found here .


Proposal Cycle 2023B: expire July 31, 2024

Ion Irradiation effects in memristive bilayer oxide films
Flynn-Hepford, Matthew: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-B-01717]
Technical Contact(s): Ghosh, Sujoy; Ievlev, Anton; Randolph, Steven

Development of smart STM for autonomous identification of catalytically active defects
Shirato, Nozomi: Argonne [CNMS2023-B-02035]
Technical Contact(s): Ziatdinov, Maxim

Exploration of Intertwined Magnetic Phases in 2D Room Temperature Ferromagnet Fe5-xGeTe2
Chi, Miaofang: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02038]
Technical Contact(s): Chi, Miaofang; Hachtel, Jordan

Nanoscale 3D Printing for Neuromorphic Circuitry
Tutuncuoglu, Gozde: Wayne State University [CNMS2023-B-02040]
Technical Contact(s): Lavrik, Nickolay

Tailoring the oxygenated function group of Graphene oxide through plasma treatment and metal cation modification
Stehle, Yijing: Union College [CNMS2023-B-02042]
Technical Contact(s): Hensley, Dale K.; Vlassiouk, Ivan

Structural Analysis of Human Serine hydroxymethytransferase with cryo-EM
Drago, Victoria: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02046]
Technical Contact(s): Williams, Alexis

Accelerating autonomous synthesis of complex oxides with pulsed laser deposition through active learning with in situ XPS and predictive diagnostics
Comes, Ryan: Auburn University [CNMS2023-B-02047]
Technical Contact(s): Harris, Sumner; Rouleau, Christopher

Effect of Precipitate Wettability on Nanoscale ODS Precipitation of FeCrAl Additively Manufactured Under a Reactive Atmosphere
Austin, Ty: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-B-02048]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew; Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Structure-Performance Relationships of MxMo6T8 Chalcogenides for Electrocatalysis 
Cheng, Yingwen:University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-B-02049]
Technical Contact(s): Hensley, Dale K.; Ivanov, Ilia N.; Nelson, Christopher

Quantifying kinetics of oxygen transport in resistive memory
Li, Yiyang: University of Michigan [CNMS2023-B-02051]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton

Development of a laser direct write protocol for magnetic (Ni,Co)1-2xTi1-xO3 (NCT) thin film patterning
Frantti, Johannes: Finnish Research and Engineering [CNMS2023-B-02052]
Technical Contact(s): Rouleau, Christopher

Understanding Formation Mechanism, Composition and Heterointerfaces in Electrochemically Active MXene-derived Transition Metal Oxides Using Electron Microscopy Characterization
Pomerantseva, Ekaterina: Drexel University [CNMS2023-B-02059]
Technical Contact(s): Zachman, Michael

In-Situ Imaging of Electronic States in Novel Capacitive Devices using STEM-EELS
Prinz, Friedrich: Stanford University [CNMS2023-B-02060]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Simulating Self-Assembly of Cone-shaped bottlebrushed polymers
Matson, John: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University [CNMS2023-B-02061]
Technical Contact(s): Carrillo, Jan Michael

Revealing chemistry-structure-function relationships in mineralized shark vertebrae using advanced AFM imaging
Merk, Vivian: Florida Atlantic University [CNMS2023-B-02062]
Technical Contact(s): Domingo Marimon, Neus; Kelley, Kyle

 Influence of defects on Erbium-based systems applicable to QIS
Tolk, Norman: Vanderbilt University [CNMS2023-B-02065]
Technical Contact(s): Lawrie, Benjamin

Structural studies of membrane transport activation
Davis, Jamaine: Meharry Medical College [CNMS2023-B-02067]
Technical Contact(s): Williams, Alexis

Fabrication of Dual Nanohole - nanopore sensors to enable simultaneous optical and electrcial sensing of single molecules
Kim, Min Jun: Southern Methodist University [CNMS2023-B-02068]
Technical Contact(s): Ghosh, Sujoy; Randolph, Steven

Material stacks for neuromorphic systems
Neumayer, Sabine: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02069]
Technical Contact(s): Neumayer, Sabine; Xiao, Kai

Nanoscale Engineering of BTO/Si Heterostructures for Hybrid Microwave-Acoustic Quantum Devices
Sardashti, Kasra: Clemson University [CNMS2023-B-02071]
Technical Contact(s): Roccapriore, Kevin; Rouleau, Christopher

Pulsed laser deposition of rare-earth doped oxide thin films on III-V materials for enabling photonic quantum repeaters
Uppu, Ravitej: University of Iowa [CNMS2023-B-02072]
Technical Contact(s): Rouleau, Christopher

In-Situ Heating of Amorphous Al Alloys to Capture Recrystallization Dynamics 
Perrin, Alice: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02084]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Polarization Dependence of Vibrations at Heterogeneities
Hoglund, Eric: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02088]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

4D-STEM Investigation of Grain and Domain Structure in Piezoelectric Thin Films
Hickey, Danielle: Pennsylvania State University [CNMS2023-B-02092]
Technical Contact(s): Zachman, Michael

Enhancing ethylene production efficiency in electrochemical CO2 reduction via modifying the Cu-based catalyst structure
Lyu, Xiang: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02093]
Technical Contact(s): Cullen, David A.; Ievlev, Anton; Wilson, Leslie

Understanding and contolling the ionic conductivity and polarization switching in KTiOPO4 crystals
Canalias, Carlota: Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan Royal Institute of Technology [CNMS2023-B-02095]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton

Characterization of 3D printed advanced nanocomposites
Jiang, Yijie: University of North Texas [CNMS2023-B-02097]
Technical Contact(s): Chen, Jihua; Lavrik, Nickolay

Quantitative investigation of ferroelectric domain wall dynamics with automated scanning probe microscopy and machine learning
Aravind, Vasudeva: Pennsylvania Western University [CNMS2023-B-02098]
Technical Contact(s): Vasudevan, Rama K.

Direct visualization of phase separation in amorphous tantalum oxide memristive materials
Li, Yiyang: University of Michigan [CNMS2023-B-02099]
Technical Contact(s): Maksymovych, Petro; Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Interlayer charge transfer in novel van der Waals heterostructures
Zhao, Hui: University of Kansas Lawrence [CNMS2023-B-02101]
Technical Contact(s): Xiao, Kai

Predicting QMC properties using DFT and Machine Learning
Fung, Victor: Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2023-B-02102]
Technical Contact(s): Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Kent, Paul

Vibrational EELS mapping of lithium isotopes during battery operation
Li, Yuzhang: University of California Los Angeles [CNMS2023-B-02103]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan; Zachman, Michael

Exploration of luminescence characteristics in cubic InGaN/GaN quantum-well
Bayram, Can :University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign [CNMS2023-B-02104]
Technical Contact(s): Lawrie, Benjamin

Atom Probe Tomography of Third-Generation Solar Cells for Solar Window Applications
Lee, Philip (Sanghyun): University of Kentucky [CNMS2023-B-02105]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Correlative Structural and Photoemission Properties of Low-dimensional MoS2 in Radiation Harsh Environments
Burns, Kory: University of Virginia [CNMS2023-B-02106]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Identifying Charge-Polarized Interfacial Superlattices in Slightly Twisted Hexagonal Boron Nitride
Wang, Michael Cai: University of South Florida [CNMS2023-B-02107]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam

Program hierarchies of bio-composite with fluidic force microscopy
Zhang, Shuai: University of Washington [CNMS2023-B-02109]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam

CO manipulation by STM for ML assisted artificial molecular lattice assembly
Baddorf, Arthur: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02112]
Technical Contact(s): Baddorf, Arthur; Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Maier, Thomas

Atomistic investigation of black oxide generated tribofilms under severe sliding conditions
Sanchez Camacho, Lizeth: Timken Company [CNMS2023-B-02113]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Mechanochemical analysis of cell wall mimic composites
Foston, Marcus: Washington University in St Louis [CNMS2023-B-02114]
Technical Contact(s): Kelley, Kyle

Investigating the interfaces of solid polymer electrolyte lithium metal batteries
Chen, Xi: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02115]
Technical Contact(s): Zachman, Michael

Understanding the influence of underlying substrate on the structure of electrodeposited metals through graphene 
McDowell, Matthew: Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2023-B-02116]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew

Characterizations of atomic-scale elemental distributions for the diffused sus316L/Zr-alloy/sus316L triple layered cladding materials.
Lee, Chanho: Auburn University [CNMS2023-B-02118]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Development of novel heterodyne and time-resolved G-mode KPFM with illumination possibility
Weber, Stefan: Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung [CNMS2023-B-02119]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam

Solvent-free dry process for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Tao, Runming: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02121]
Technical Contact(s): Hensley, Dale K.; Keum, Jong K.

Multi-modal nano-constructs for radioisotope delivery in targeted radioisotope therapy
Toro Gonzalez, Miguel: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02122]
Technical Contact(s): Williams, Alexis; Wilson, Leslie; Zachman, Michael

The role of disorder in overdoped cuprate superconductors
Broun, David: Simon Fraser University [CNMS2023-B-02123]
Technical Contact(s): Berlijn, Tom

Comprehensive Chemical Analysis of Topochemically Prepared Thin-Film Nickelates by Advanced Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy
Hwang, Harold: Stanford University [CNMS2023-B-02124]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton

Interfacial assembly of Anisotropic Janus Particles
Russell, Thomas: University of Massachusetts Amherst [CNMS2023-B-02125]
Technical Contact(s): Carrillo, Jan Michael; Sumpter, Bobby

A platform on automated and autonomous microscopy through active learning towards material discovery
Biswas, Arpan: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02126]
Technical Contact(s): Vasudevan, Rama K.

In situ investigation of switching mechanisms in electrochemical random access memory (ECRAM)
Talin, Albert: Sandia Corporation [CNMS2023-B-02127]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton; Keum, Jong K.; Randolph, Steven

Augmented data navigation for tomographic atomic force microscopy dataset
Celano, Umberto: Arizona State University [CNMS2023-B-02128]
Technical Contact(s): Vasudevan, Rama K.

Machine learning digital twins for microscopy
Fung, Victor: Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2023-B-02129]
Technical Contact(s): Fuhr, Addis; Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Roccapriore, Kevin; Ziatdinov, Maxim

Tunable Plasma Catalytic Reactor for Local On-Demand Hydrogen Production
Che, Fanglin: University of Massachusetts at Lowell [CNMS2023-B-02132]
Technical Contact(s): Huang, Jingsong; Jakowski, Jacek

Testing Luttinger’s Theorem in the Nickelate Superconductor Nd1-xSrxNiO2
Ku, Wei:Shanghai Jiao Tong University[CNMS2023-B-02133]
Technical Contact(s): Berlijn, Tom

Understanding Hydrogen Behavior in 347H Stainless Steels under Creep-Deformation Using Atom Probe Tomography
Poplawsky, Jonathan: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02134]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Probing Edge State Conductance In the Topological Insulator Bi4Br4
Luepke, Felix: Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH [CNMS2023-B-02135]
Technical Contact(s): Hus, Saban

Probing the structure and properties of platinum group metal-free electrocatalysts at the nano- and atomic-scales
Zachman, Michael: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02136]
Technical Contact(s): Zachman, Michael

Using EELS to Map the LSPR modes of Au@AgAu Nanorattles to Understand the Plasmonic Hybridization and Fields Around These Catalytic Agents
Formo, Eric: University of Georgia [CNMS2023-B-02137]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew; Hachtel, Jordan

The dual role of electrons in unconventional superconductors
Andersen, Brian: University of Copenhagen [CNMS2023-B-02138]
Technical Contact(s): Maier, Thomas

Gating of Ions and Fluids at GHz frequencies
Siwy, Zuzanna: University of California Irvine [CNMS2023-B-02139]
Technical Contact(s): Ivanov, Ilia N.; Lavrik, Nickolay; Unocic, Raymond

Examination of antiferroelectric phase transitions in MAPbX3 (X = I, Br, Cl) perovskites using low temperature piezoresponse force microscopy and atomically resolved imaging by non-contact atomic force microscopy
Shvartsman, Vladimir: University of Duisburg-Essen [CNMS2023-B-02140]
Technical Contact(s): Maksymovych, Petro

Radiation-induced phase instabilities in Nickel based superalloys
Chen, Qinyun: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-B-02142]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Superlattice generation in a van der Waals magnetic semiconductor for analog quantum simulation
Klein, Julian: Massachusetts Institute of Technology [CNMS2023-B-02144]
Technical Contact(s): Roccapriore, Kevin

Effects of ion-induced defects on the nanomechanical properties of oxide membranes
Xu, Ruijuan: North Carolina State University [CNMS2023-B-02146]
Technical Contact(s): Ghosh, Sujoy; Randolph, Steven

Grain boundary solute segregation during creep deformation of Ni-Cr alloys
Kombaiah, Boopathy: Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC (Idaho Nat Lab) [CNMS2023-B-02147]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Probing the Charge Transfer and Structure at the 2D Magnet - Molecule Interface
Shatruk, Michael: Florida State University [CNMS2023-B-02148]
Technical Contact(s): Maksymovych, Petro

Understanding the structure of electrochemically active hybrid materials obtained by integrating redox reactive organic molecules with layered transition metal oxides using electron microscopy characterization
Pomerantseva, Ekaterina: Drexel University [CNMS2023-B-02149]
Technical Contact(s): Zachman, Michael

Surface Electronic Properties of Superconducting Li-intercalated SnSe2
Jin, Rongying; University of South Carolina [CNMS2023-B-02150]
Technical Contact(s): Gai, Zheng

Why are Sliding and Contact Different? Investigating Shear in Triboelectric Contacts
Marks, Laurence: Northwestern University [CNMS2023-B-02152]
Technical Contact(s): Baxter, Jefferey; Domingo Marimon, Neus

Atom probe tomography study of a precipitation strengthened high-entropy alloy with excellent mechanical properties
Wen, Haiming: Missouri University of Science and Technology [CNMS2023-B-02153]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Understanding structure-property relationships in dry working liquids
Spittle, Stephanie: Evolve Renewable Materials [CNMS2023-B-02154]
Technical Contact(s): Wang, Yangyang

Topological phase transitions in polar superlattices
Ramesh, Ramamoorthy: University of California Berkeley [CNMS2023-B-02155]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Atomic/electronic Structural Characterization of a-RuCl3/graphene Heterostructure by Cryo-STEM
Kim, Hwangsun (Sunny): Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02157]
Technical Contact(s): Chi, Miaofang; Lupini, Andrew

Superconductor-semiconductor quantum devices with reduced disorder
Lee, Joon Sue: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-B-02158]
Technical Contact(s): Srijanto, Bernadeta

Cryo-EM structure of AcrAB complex
Zgurskaya, Helen: University of Oklahoma [CNMS2023-B-02159]
Technical Contact(s): Williams, Alexis

Investigating the Effect of Sterol-Lipid Conjugation on Domain Growth in Biomimetic Cell Membranes  
Ashkar, Rana: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University [CNMS2023-B-02160]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam

Development of Aerogels for Activation of Small Molecules
Elbaz, Lior: Bar ilan University [CNMS2023-B-02161]
Technical Contact(s): Cullen, David A.

Unfolding the Hidden State of Twisted 1T-TaS2
Mu, Sai: University of South Carolina [CNMS2023-B-02162]
Technical Contact(s): Berlijn, Tom

Fabrication and Probing atomic structures of 2D High Entropy Materials
Yang, Yingchao: University of Maine [CNMS2023-B-02166]
Technical Contact(s): Hensley, Dale K.; Nelson, Christopher; Xiao, Kai

Observing rapid electrochemical phenomena using general mode conductive atomic force microscopy
Kim, Yunseok: Sungkyunkwan University [CNMS2023-B-02168]
Technical Contact(s): Jesse, Stephen; Liu, Yongtao

Novel 2D Materials for Logic and Memory Applications
Jha, Rashmi: University of Cincinnati [CNMS2023-B-02169]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew; Xiao, Kai

Low Temperature growth of Heteroepitaxial oxides on III-V's for next-generation nanophotonics
Folland, Thomas: University of Iowa [CNMS2023-B-02170]
Technical Contact(s): Rouleau, Christopher

Tuning topological phases by strain
Lee, Joon Sue: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-B-02171]
Technical Contact(s): Rouleau, Christopher

Ion transport in polymer ceramic electrolytes for solid state batteries operating at room temperature
Polyzos, Georgios: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02172]
Technical Contact(s): Hensley, Dale K.; Keum, Jong K.

Cation clustering in mixed Cs and Ba occupancy hollandites
Misture, Scott: Alfred University [CNMS2023-B-02173]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

The Gene Fitness Atlas - A Roadmap for Predicting Evolution
Aufrecht, Jayde: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02175]
Technical Contact(s): Retterer, Scott

Elucidation of Coupling Effects in Colloidal Semiconductor Nanorod Heterostructures by High-Energy-Resolution Monochromated EELS
Shim, Moonsub: University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign [CNMS2023-B-02176]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Human in the loop automated Piezoresponse Force Microscopy
Kalinin, Sergei: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-B-02177]
Technical Contact(s): Liu, Yongtao; Ziatdinov, Maxim

Adhesion between lithium metal and oxide-based solid electrolytes for solid-state-batteries
Tsai, Wan-Yu: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02178]
Technical Contact(s): Tsai, Wan-Yu

Causal mechanisms behind domain switching in magnesium-zinc oxide solid solutions
Kalinin, Sergei: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-B-02180]
Technical Contact(s): Kelley, Kyle; Liu, Yongtao

Sub-wavelength engineering and refractive index patterning for flat-optics
Ryckman, Judson: Clemson University [CNMS2023-B-02182]
Technical Contact(s): Kravchenko, Ivan; Lavrik, Nickolay

Characterization of chemically and structurally heterogeneous AlGaN/TaC interfaces
Haegel, Nancy: National Renewable Energy Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02184]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Vibrational EELS Applications to Biological Substrates: Skin and Hair 
PERTICAROLI, STEFANIA: Procter & Gamble [CNMS2023-B-02185]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Nanoscale Examination of Plant Cell Wall Breakdown and Reinforcement Using Multimodal Atomic Force Microscopy
Merk, Vivian: Florida Atlantic University [CNMS2023-B-02186]
Technical Contact(s): Domingo Marimon, Neus; Kelley, Kyle

Correlating topological phase transitions and negative capacitance states in ultra-thin BaTiO3
Khan, Asif: Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2023-B-02187]
Technical Contact(s): Nelson, Christopher

Probing the superconducting order parameter of FeSe monolayer with tunneling Andreev reflection
Weitering, Hanno: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-B-02188]
Technical Contact(s): Maksymovych, Petro

Direct atomic fabrication of heavy-atom qubits in 3D materials
Kalinin, Sergei: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-B-02191]
Technical Contact(s): Randolph, Steven; Roccapriore, Kevin

Automated electron tomography acquisition of carbon-supported nanoparticle catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells 
Amichi, Lynda: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02192]
Technical Contact(s): Cullen, David A.

Nanoscale determination of ferroelectric polarization in BaTiO3 nanostructures fabricated on silicon by neon ion milling
Israel Ibukun, Olaniyan: Heimholtz-Zentrum Berlin fur Materialien und Energie GmbH [CNMS2023-B-02193]
Technical Contact(s): Domingo Marimon, Neus

Identification of Critical Properties and Features of Surfactant Solutions for Firefighting Foam
Lattimer, Brian: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University [CNMS2023-B-02194]
Technical Contact(s): Williams, Alexis

Dynamic EELS for rapid structure-property mapping during electron beam reactions
Kalinin, Sergei: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-B-02196]
Technical Contact(s): Roccapriore, Kevin

Orientation Dependent Polariton and Phonon Dispersion Measurements in Low-Symmetry Crystals
Hachtel, Jordan: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02198]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Theoretical Analysis of Rare Gas Intercalated Few-Layer h-BN
Arafin, Shamsul: Ohio State University Research Foundation [CNMS2023-B-02199]
Technical Contact(s): Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Jakowski, Jacek;Lingerfelt, David

Quantum transport through the edge states on exfoliated MBT flakes
Xu, Suyang: Harvard University [CNMS2023-B-02201]
Technical Contact(s): Hus, Saban

Unraveling the mysteries of localized excitons in moiré heterostructures of transition metal dichalcogenides
Susarla, Sandhya: Arizona State University [CNMS2023-B-02202]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Rapid Sintering of Thin Film Nasicon Solid Electrolyte 
Alexander, Caleb: DayLyte Batteries [CNMS2023-B-02203]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton; Ivanov, Ilia N.

Exploring novel electronic band structure and transport properties in delafossite thin films
Lee, Ho Nyung: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02204]
Technical Contact(s): Rouleau, Christopher

Investigation of mechanical degradation in lithium alloy electrodes as a function of temperature using cryogenic electron microscopy
McDowell, Matthew: Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2023-B-02205]
Technical Contact(s): Unocic, Raymond

Nanofluidic memristor based on two-dimensional materials
Vlassiouk, Ivan: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02206]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam; Ivanov, Ilia N.

Rational design of multi-functional periodic graft copolymers for additive manufacturing
Naskar, Amit: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02207]
Technical Contact(s): Carrillo, Jan Michael; Ivanov, Ilia N.; Sumpter, Bobby

Interfacial Structure and Stability of Aluminum based Metal Matrix Composites with Al-Cu-Fe Quasicrystalline reinforcement 
Park, Eun Soo: Seoul National University [CNMS2023-B-02210]
Technical Contact(s): Nelson, Christopher

Unraveling hydrolytic mechanisms in model polyamide systems via solid state diagnostics
Naskar, Amit: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02211]
Technical Contact(s): Ivanov, Ilia N.

Investigation of Structure and Chemical Composition of high entropy ceramics by STEM-HAADF Technique
Park, Eun Soo: Seoul National University [CNMS2023-B-02212]
Technical Contact(s): Nelson, Christopher

Study of precipitation and atomic segregation in duplex brass containing complex concentrated alloys
Park, Eun Soo: Seoul National University [CNMS2023-B-02213]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Exploring the localized vibrational and electronic properties of quantum and energy materials
Hachtel, Jordan: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-B-02215]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Probing the Heterogeneous Mixed Metal Oxide Structures on Worn Surfaces of Chromium-Containing Alloys after Simultanous Wear and Oxidation
Cai, Wenjun: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University[CNMS2023-B-02216]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

In situ laser-material interactions for additive manufacturing laser powder-bed fusion
Unocic, Kinga: Oak Ridge National Laboratory[CNMS2023-B-02217]
Technical Contact(s): Randolph, Steven; Unocic, Kinga

Fabricating  microstructured carbon based electrodes 
Narayan, Roger: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [CNMS2023-B-02219] 
Technical Contact(s): Lavrik, Nickolay


Proposal Cycle 2023A: expire January 31, 2024

Nanoscale chemical imaging of Cu-SAPO-34 prepared by different methods using atom probe tomography
Weckhuysen, Bert: Utrecht University [CNMS2023-A-01494]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Structural Analysis of Dimeric Interfaces of Photosystem I using CryoEM
Bruce, Barry: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01699]
Technical Contact(s): Williams, Alexis

Microfluidic Device Fabrication for Live Cell Imaging of Constricted Human Cell Migration
McCord, Rachel: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01722] 
Technical Contact(s): Retterer, Scott

Study of PNR dynamics in relation to local structures in domain-size graded PMN-PT 
Hong, Seungbum: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology [CNMS2023-A-01739]
Technical Contact(s): Domingo Marimon, Neus; Vasudevan, Rama K.

Chiral resonant nonlinear metaphotonics
Kivshar, Yuri: Australian National University [CNMS2023-A-01740]
Technical Contact(s): Kravchenko, Ivan

Visualizing Catalytic Metals Species of General Relevance to Thermal and Electrochemical CO2 Conversions
Yang, Ming: Clemson University [CNMS2023-A-01743]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan; Zachman, Michael

Posterior scanning tunneling probe tip sharpening by means of information-theoretic plane symmetry quantifications and subsequent crystallographic averaging in the spatial frequency domain
Moeck, Peter: Portland State University [CNMS2023-A-01746]
Technical Contact(s): Baddorf, Arthur

Effect of Ionic Liquids on Structural Dynamics of PIM-Polyamide-Ionenes
Ma, Jihong: University of Vermont [CNMS2023-A-01754]
Technical Contact(s): Hong, Kunlun

Elucidation of Interfacial Chemistry Changes During Long-Term Molten Carbonate Electrolysis for Production of Carbon Nanomaterials
Wood, David: SkyNano, LLC [CNMS2023-A-01755]
Technical Contact(s): Randolph, Steven; Zachman, Michael

4D-STEM and EELS study of defect bias and helium distribution in dual-ion irradiated Cu
Lin, Yan-Ru: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01757]
Technical Contact(s): Zachman, Michael

Characterization of in-situ formation of graphene within polymer by shear exfoliation for multifunctional sensing applications
Ashraf, Ali: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley [CNMS2023-A-01758]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew; Hensley, Dale; Ievlev, Anton; Ivanov, Ilia; Wilson, Leslie

Detection and quantification of enzyme-mediated nylon degradation using quartz crystal microbalance
Saint-Vincent, Patricia (Patti):  Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01759]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam; Ivanov, Ilia

Controlling Topological Quantum Materials with Organic Semiconductors
Monti, Oliver: University of Arizona [CNMS2023-A-01762]
Technical Contact(s): Li, An-Ping

Exploring magnetism in Kagome materials with sub-nanometer spatial resolution
Ovchinnikov, Dmitry: University of Kansas [CNMS2023-A-01764]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan; Randolph, Steven

Study of the evolution of the electric double layer in ion-gated metal oxide transistors operating under different gating mechanisms
Santato, Clara:  Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal [CNMS2023-A-01765]
Technical Contact(s): 
Tsai, Wan-Yu

Graphene and Hexagonal Boron Nitride Modified Proton Exchange Membranes with Extremely Low Methanol Crossover 
Li, Xianglin: Washington University in St Louis [CNMS2023-A-01768]
Technical Contact(s): Vlassiouk, Ivan

Nanoscale Analysis of Molybdenum- and Tungsten-supported Zeolite ZSM-5 for Methane Dehydroaromatization using Atom Probe Tomography
Weckhuysen, Bert:  Utrecht University [CNMS2023-A-01770]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan

Characterization of recovered materials from lithium-ion battery recycling
Bai, Yaocai:  Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01771]
Technical Contact(s): Hensley, Dale; Wilson, Leslie

STM study on topological phase transition induced by magnetism in Ge1-xMnxBi2Te4
Ko, Wonhee: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01773]
Technical Contact(s): Li, An-Ping; Maksymovych, Petro

Investigating the Laser Sintering of Nanoparticles in Additive Nanomanufacturing of Hybrid Structures an devices
Mahjouri-Samani, Masoud:  Auburn University [CNMS2023-A-01775]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew; Hensley, Dale; Ivanov, Ilia; Liang, Liangbo

Structural analysis of engineered azurin - understanding redox reactions in the capture of rare earth metals
Sedova, Ada:  Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01777]
Technical Contact(s): Williams, Alexis

Revealing topological surface states in a candidate topological Kondo insulator, FeSb2
Ko, Wonhee:  University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01779]
Technical Contact(s): Li, An-Ping

Nanofabricated Bioelectronic Devices for Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing
Lindsay, Stuart: Arizona State University [CNMS2023-A-01782]
Technical Contact(s): Srijanto, Bernadeta

Structure determination of moss PpCesA5 cellulose synthase trimer in detergent and nanodiscs
Nixon, B. Tracy: Pennsylvania State University [CNMS2023-A-01784]
Technical Contact(s): Williams, Alexis

Nanoscale precipitation in a low carbon steel containing residual elements due to scrap cycling
Duan, Jiaqi: University of Warwick [CNMS2023-A-01785]
Technical Contact(s): 
Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Catalytic effect of external and localized high-intensity fields associated with the carbon nanospikes on the electrochemical  reduction of CO2
Garashchuk, Sophya:  University of South Carolina [CNMS2023-A-01786]
Technical Contact(s): Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Huang, Jingsong; Jakowski, Jacek; Lingerfelt, David;

In situ/HR STEM studies of high entropy nanomaterials
Hu, Liangbing: University of Maryland [CNMS2023-A-01787]
Technical Contact(s): Chi, Miaofang

Engineering and Electrically Controlling "Nanoscale Magnetic Bits" in Ferroelectric-Ferroelastic-Magnetic Epitaxial Heterostructures
Langenberg, Eric: Universitat de Barcelona [CNMS2023-A-01789]
Technical Contact(s): Maksymovych, Petro

Operando TEM of water gas shift reaction
KOOYMAN, Patricia: University of Cape Town [CNMS2023-A-01790]
Technical Contact(s): Unocic, Kinga

Correlation effects and superconductivity in Sr2RuO4
Tennant, David: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01791]
Technical Contact(s): Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Maier, Thomas

The Role of Force from Lipids in Synaptic Plasticity of Phospholipid Membranes
Bolmatov, Dima: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01792]
Technical Contact(s): Carrillo, Jan Michael

Characterizing quantum emission in strained WSe2
Niroui, Farnaz: Massachusetts Institute of Technology [CNMS2023-A-01793]
Technical Contact(s): Lawrie, Benjamin; Puretzky, Alexander

Advanced wide- and Ultra-wide bandgap power devices: superjunction and FinFETs
Zhang, Yuhao: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University [CNMS2023-A-01796]
Technical Contact(s): Kravchenko, Ivan

Predicting photonic resonances in disordered arrays of scatterers using a deep neural network
Schmitt, Sebastian: Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Fraunhofer IOF Jena [CNMS2023-A-01798]
Technical Contact(s): Roccapriore, Kevin

Synthesis and characterization of partial deuterated polyethylenes for in-situ neutron scattering
Foston, Marcus: Washington University in St Louis [CNMS2023-A-01799]
Technical Contact(s): Bonnesen, Peter; Hong, Kunlun

Characterization of ferroelectricity in novel lattice-engineered single crystals
Jain, Himanshu: Lehigh University [CNMS2023-A-01800]
Technical Contact(s): Kelley, Kyle

Correlative STEM-APT observation of alpha prime precipitates and dislocation loops under ion irradiation in FeCr binary alloys
Chen, Siwei: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01802]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew; Poplawsky, Jonathan

Atom Probe Tomography Analyses of Short Range Order in SiGeSn Alloys
Liu, Jifeng: Dartmouth College [CNMS2023-A-01803]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan

In-situ degradation characterization during CO2RR in the presence of contaminants
Weber, Juliane: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01804]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew; Tsai, Wan-Yu; Wu, Zili

Design and development of nanocomposite Dielectrics for High Temperature, High Energy Density Capacitors in Power Electronic Systems
Lamm, Meghan: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01805]
Technical Contact(s): Hensley, Dale; Hong, Kunlun; Ivanov, Ilia;

Fabrication of Biomimetic Nanoplasmonic Meshes for Wound Monitoring and Healing Applications
Zhou, Wei: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University [CNMS2023-A-01806]
Technical Contact(s): Lavrik, Nickolay

Machine Learning Augmentation of Electron Diffraction performed on Complex Oxide Thin Films Grown by Hybrid Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Comes, Ryan: Auburn University [CNMS2023-A-01807]
Technical Contact(s): Baddorf, Arthur; Boebinger, Matthew

Development of Multiresonant Plasmonic Meta-devices with Bulk Artificial Nanocavity Nonlinearity
Zhou, Wei: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University [CNMS2023-A-01808]
Technical Contact(s): Randolph, Steven

Deterministic Fabrication of Color Centers Using Helium-Ion Milling
Li, Xiuling: University of Texas at Austin [CNMS2023-A-01809]
Technical Contact(s): Lawrie, Benjamin; Puretzky, Alexander; Randolph, Steven

Surface functionalization of porous polymer hollow fiber membrane contactor for CO2 capture and separation
Islam, Syed: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01810]
Technical Contact(s): Ivanov, Ilia; Lester, Kevin

Development of 2D Nanogap-Based Neuron-Synapse Devices for Neuromorphic Computing Technology
Kim, Songkil: Pusan National University [CNMS2023-A-01811]
Technical Contact(s): Dyck, Ondrej; Ievlev, Anton; Lester, Kevin; Vlassiouk, Ivan

Correlating the orientation of atomic ripples with electrical transport properties of 2D nanomaterial field-effect transistors
Kim, Songkil: Pusan National University [CNMS2023-A-01812]
Technical Contact(s): Dyck, Ondrej; Ievlev, Anton; Lester, Kevin; Vlassiouk, Ivan

Probing chemical miscability of high entropy alloy nanoparticles via EDS mapping
Bedford, Nicholas: University of New South Wales [CNMS2023-A-01813]
Technical Contact(s): Unocic, Raymond

Electron-phonon coupling in SrVO3 thin films
Gazquez, Jaume: Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona [CNMS2023-A-01814]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan; Lupini, Andrew

Custom carbon electrodes for neurotransmitter detection
Venton, Barbara: University of Virginia [CNMS2023-A-01815]
Technical Contact(s): Lavrik, Nickolay

Origins of Depressed Ionic Conductivity in Block Copolymers based on Polymer Ionic Liquids
Stein, Gila: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01816]
Technical Contact(s): Chen, Jihua

Unraveling the mechanism of an anti-sticking property of polymethylpentene at the microscopic scale
Koga, Tadanori: State University of New York at Stony Brook [CNMS2023-A-01819]
Technical Contact(s): Carrillo, Jan Michael

Breaking Rayleigh’s law with spatially correlated disorder to control phonon transport
Thebaud, Simon: INSA Rennes [CNMS2023-A-01820]
Technical Contact(s): Berlijn, Tom

Single-photon emitters
Gu, Gong: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01821]
Technical Contact(s): Dyck, Ondrej; Lawrie, Benjamin; Puretzky, Alexander; Randolph, Steven

Visualizing polar structures in quasi-1D chalcogenides using scanning probe microscopy
Ravichandran, Jayakanth: University of Southern California [CNMS2023-A-01822]
Technical Contact(s): Maksymovych, Petro; Neumayer, Sabine; Vasudevan, Rama K.

Investigating Heterogeneous Ca-/Mg-carbonate Nucleation Using QCM-D
Weber, Juliane: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01824]
I Technical Contact(s): Ivanov, Ilia N.

Unveiling piezoresponse enhancement in BT/P(VDF-TrFE) composites via independent componenent analysis
Hong, Seungbum: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology [CNMS2023-A-01825]
Technical Contact(s): Domingo Marimon, Neus; Vasudevan, Rama K.

A correlation study on the relationship between the local electrochemical property and the surface morphology of lithium-ion batteries
Hong, Seungbum: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology [CNMS2023-A-01826]
Technical Contact(s): Hensley, Dale;  Neumayer, Sabine;  Vasudevan, Rama

Probing Single-Molecule Magnets and Topological Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)
Xue, Ziling: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01827]
Technical Contact(s): Gai, Zheng

Cryo-TEM studies on Cu-cellulose solid-state electrolyte
Hu, Liangbing: University of Maryland [CNMS2023-A-01828]
Technical Contact(s): Chi, Miaofang

Topological Phase Transitions and Layer Decoupling in Quantum Materials
Monti, Oliver: University of Arizona [CNMS2023-A-01829]
Technical Contact(s): Li, An-Ping

Using neural networks to understand off-specular neutron reflectivity data from thin films of ionic polymers
Kumar, Rajeev: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01831]
Technical Contact(s): Fuentes-Cabrera, Miguel A.

Understanding the Core-Shell-like Thermal Transformations of Metal Selenide Nanowires Through In Situ STEM Heating and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Formo, Eric: University of Georgia [CNMS2023-A-01832]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Transfer learning methods and advanced first-principles methods in modeling point defects
Wang, Yuanxi: University of North Texas [CNMS2023-A-01833]
Technical Contact(s): Ganesh, Panchapakesan;
Sumpter, Bobby

Mapping the nanoscale plasmon resonances of MXenes with controlled surface terminations
King, Sarah: University of Chicago [CNMS2023-A-01834]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Investigating the effect of the chemical environment on the surface and domain structure of free-standing ferroelectrics
Arredondo, Miryam: Queen's University Belfast [CNMS2023-A-01835]
Technical Contact(s): Domingo Marimon, Neus; Ivanov, Ilia

Direct Air Capture Using MgO – Reaction products at Ambient Conditions and Effect of Impurities
Weber, Juliane: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01836]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew; Ievlev, Anton

TEM and APT characterization of ultrafine-grained Zn-3wt.%Mg alloys processed by High-Pressure Torsion (HPT)
Boehlert, Carl: Michigan State University [CNMS2023-A-01837]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew; Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Green Hydrogenation of Captured CO2 Under Mild Conditions using Heterogeneous Catalysts
Sun, Shouheng: Brown University [CNMS2023-A-01838]
Technical Contact(s): Zachman, Michael

Modeling effects of local polarization on ion transport in polymer electrolytes
Kumar, Rajeev: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01839]
Technical Contact(s): Carrillo, Jan Michael; Kumar, Rajeev; Sumpter, Bobby

Meta-optics for Low-power Exascale Computing
Valentine, Jason: Vanderbilt University [CNMS2023-A-01840]
Technical Contact(s): Kravchenko, Ivan

Interlayer Magnetism Kitaev Quantum Spin Liquid Candidate alpha-RuCl3
Eguiluz, Adolfo: The University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01841]
Technical Contact(s): Berlijn, Tom

Functional nanoscale characterization of cell components for long term energy storage and carbon capture
Neumayer, Sabine: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01845]
Technical Contact(s): Neumayer, Sabine

Use of cryo-TEM to Study the Evolution and Dissolution of Tactoid Laponite in Model Acrylic Acid and Latex System with and Without Multivalent Cations
Raghavan, Dharmaraj: Howard University [CNMS2023-A-01846]
Technical Contact(s): Williams, Alexis

Crystal and electronic structure of 3d Kitaev candidates
Bridges, Craig: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01847]
Technical Contact(s): Gai, Zheng; Hensley, Dale; Rouleau, Christopher; Unocic, Raymond

Towards scientific discovery from experiments via data driven optimization and machine learning approaches
Biswas, Arpan: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01850] 
Technical Contact(s): Vasudevan, Rama;

Microscale electromechanical characterization of a piezoelectric barium titanate-polymer composites for autonomous materials design
Bowland, Christopher: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01851]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam; Wilson, Leslie

Ultrasensitive point of care device for rapid detection and continuous surveillance of biological agents in resource-limited settings
Paulose Nadappuram, Binoy: University of Strathclyde [CNMS2023-A-01852]
Technical Contact(s): Srijanto, Bernadeta

Deciphering the 3D bond distortion in 2D van der Waals materials at the single-atom level
Miao, John: University of California Los Angeles [CNMS2023-A-01853]
Technical Contact(s): Chi, Miaofang

Vibrational spectroscopy of MnPSe3 phonon modes using STEM-EELS
McComb, David: Ohio State University Research Foundation [CNMS2023-A-01854]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Disentangling lattice structural parameters from nanobeam 4D-STEM data via deep learning
Han, Yimo: Rice University [CNMS2023-A-01855] 
Technical Contact(s): Ziatdinov, Maxim

Catalytic sites on Potassium Promoted Anatase TiO2
Ignatchenko, Alexey: St. John Fisher University [CNMS2023-A-01856]
Technical Contact(s): Lupini, Andrew

Spatially resolved functional group mapping of polymer materials using STEM-EELS
McComb, David: Ohio State University Research Foundation [CNMS2023-A-01857]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Effect of curvature on domain structure and ferroelectric polarization dynamics in CuInP2S6
Liu, Ying: Pennsylvania State University [CNMS2023-A-01858]
Technical Contact(s): Baddorf, Arthur; Kelley, Kyle

Topology of Kagome Metals in the 2D Limit
Annaberdiyev, Gani: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01859]
Technical Contact(s): Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Kent, Paul

Development of Dynamic Nanometric Coupling of Light Emitting States to Ferroelectricity and Structure in Crystalline Materials
Hu, Bin: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01860]
Technical Contact(s): Kelley, Kyle

Decoupling ferroic and ionic effects in high-efficiency memristors
Driscoll, Judith: University of Cambridge [CNMS2023-A-01863]
Technical Contact(s): Jesse, Stephen

Structured Gaussian Processes for the battery state of health prediction
Kenney, Michael: Amazon Lab126 [CNMS2023-A-01865]
Technical Contact(s): Ziatdinov, Maxim

Extent of 3D interfacial chemical heterogeneities in Ti/Nb nanolaminates determined by Atom Probe Tomography
Mara, Nathan: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities [CNMS2023-A-01867]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Characterisation of molecular relaxation mechanisms, and their interrelationship, in short side-chain polymers
Mattsson, Johan: University of Leeds [CNMS2023-A-01868]
Technical Contact(s): Hong, Kunlun

Vibrational spectroscopy from supported homogeneous catalysts
Stach, Eric: University of Pennsylvania [CNMS2023-A-01869]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Selectivities and stabilities of hierarchical catalysts for methane dry reforming
Dooley, Kerry: Louisiana State University [CNMS2023-A-01871]
Technical Contact(s): Cullen, David; Wu, Zili

Development and characterization of durable nano-featured electrodes with high catalyst utilization for efficient green hydrogen production
Zhang, Feng-Yuan: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01874]
Technical Contact(s): Cullen, David; Hensley, Dale; Wu, Zili

Studies of Trap State in PbSe and Silicon/SiO2/Poly-Si Solar Cell Semiconductors
Gupta, Mool: University of Virginia [CNMS2023-A-01876]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton; Lawrie, Benjamin; Lupini, Andrew

Optical metasurfaces for shaping light and darkness
Litchinitser, Natalia: Duke University [CNMS2023-A-01877]
Technical Contact(s): Kravchenko, Ivan

Phage Isolation, Enrichment and Storage Platform
Bhatt, Ketan: CFD Research Corporation [CNMS2023-A-01878]
Technical Contact(s): Srijanto, Bernadeta

Dynamics of bound polymers in polymer nanocomposites
Cheng, Shiwang: Michigan State University [CNMS2023-A-01879]
Technical Contact(s): Carrillo, Jan Michael

Spatial statical morphology based analysis for understanding structure-property relationships in organic light emitting diode materials
Zimmerman, Jeramy: Colorado School of Mines [CNMS2023-A-01880]
Technical Contact(s): Zachman, Michael

In-situ oxidation of carbon with gas emission analysis
Martin, Alexandre: University of Kentucky [CNMS2023-A-01881]
Technical Contact(s): Unocic, Raymond

 Precise Positioning of Nanopores Through Localized Modification of Silicon Nitride Films
Yates, James: Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica (ITQB NOVA) [CNMS2023-A-01882]
Technical Contact(s): Srijanto, Bernadeta

Three-dimensional chemical imaging of microbially induced corrosion on glass using correlative ToF-SIMS and AFM
Yu, Xiao-Ying: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01883]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton

Controlled Electro- and Ion- Transport in Eletroctropolymerized Macroinitiators and Polymer brushes
Advincula, Rigoberto: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01885]
Technical Contact(s): Carrillo, Jan Michael; Domingo Marimon, Neus; Wang, Hanyu; Wang, Yangyang

Investigating the Relationships Between Disorder and Coherent Phonons in Layered Materials
Brenner, Kevin: Southern Methodist University [CNMS2023-A-01887]
Technical Contact(s): Puretzky, Alexander

In situ TEM of electrochemically controlled lithium intercalation in layered chalcogenide nanodevices
Cha, Jeeyoung (Judy): Cornell University [CNMS2023-A-01889]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew

Automated exploration of inorganic perovskite nanocrystals at atomic-scale: from structural transformations to electronic properties
Ahmadi, Mahshid: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01890]
Technical Contact(s): Roccapriore, Kevin; Unocic, Raymond; Vasudevan, Rama

Using representation learning models for enzyme engineering
Chen, Serena: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01891]
Technical Contact(s): Ziatdinov, Maxim

Investigation of quantum properties of artificially created extrinsic defects on monolayer MoS2
Aravamudhan, Shyam: North Carolina Agri. & Tech. State Univ. [CNMS2023-A-01894]
Technical Contact(s): Hus, Saban; Randolph, Steven

Automated Discovery of the Local Transport and Ionic Behaviors in Metal Halide Perovskites
Ahmadi, Mahshid: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01895]
Technical Contact(s): Jesse, Stephen; Vasudevan, Rama

Characterization of Immobilized Metal-binding Proteins By Quartz Crystal Microbalance
Sanders, Brian: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01896]
Technical Contact(s): Ivanov, Ilia

Gateway to All-natural Fiber-reinforced Composites:  Understanding the Interface in Natural Fiber Systems
Copenhaver, Katie: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01897]
Technical Contact(s): Chen, Jihua; Collins, Liam; Hensley, Dale; Lester, Kevin

Electron photodynamics in low-dimensional quantum matter heterostructures
Jimenez Rincon, Jose Julian: UNIVERSIDAD DE LOS ANDES [CNMS2023-A-01899]
Technical Contact(s): Ganesh, Panchapakesan

Characterizing the impact of emergent assembly on copolymer sequence
DuBay, Kateri: University of Virginia [CNMS2023-A-01901]
Technical Contact(s): Hong, Kunlun

Atomic resolution characterization of carbon-based nanomaterials
Guiton, Beth: University of Kentucky [CNMS2023-A-01902]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew

Understanding degradation mechanisms in low temperature water electrolyzers through analytical electron microscopy and functional atomic force microscopy
Yu, Haoran: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01903]
Technical Contact(s): Cullen, David; Domingo Marimon, Neus

Anisotropy Control of implanted, recrystallized yttrium iron garnet films
Chilcote, Michael: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01904]
Technical Contact(s): Rouleau, Christopher; Srijanto, Bernadeta

Probing Charge Density Wave Phenomenon using STEM Imaging and Spectroscopy techniques in transition metal dichalcogenides
Kumar, Abinash: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01905]
Technical Contact(s): Chi, Miaofang; Hachtel, Jordan

Model of the placental barrier for predicting fetal exposure and toxicity of xenobiotic compounds
German, Carrie: CFD Research Corporation [CNMS2023-A-01908]
Technical Contact(s): Srijanto, Bernadeta

Mapping irreversible chemical/structural change of cathode in solid-state batteries
Yang, Guang: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01909]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton; Ivanov, Ilia

Voltage-driven molecular catalysis
Hu, Guoxiang: City University of New York [CNMS2023-A-01910]
Technical Contact(s): Ganesh, Panchapakesan

Understanding defects in 2D materials and their role in selective transport
Kidambi, Piran: Vanderbilt University [CNMS2023-A-01911]
Technical Contact(s): Briggs, Dayrl; Hus, Saban; Li, An-Ping; Unocic, Raymond

Developing novel STM probes by functionalizing the tip with superconducting nanowires
Ko, Wonhee: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01912]
Technical Contact(s): Li, An-Ping; Maksymovych, Petro; Randolph, Steven

Diamond Plasmonic Crystal Terahertz Sources and Detectors for 6G Communication
Pala, Nezih: Florida International University Board of Trustees [CNMS2023-A-01913]
Technical Contact(s): Retterer, Scott

Structure and electrochemical properties of self-assembled vertically aligned heterostructures
Lee, Dongkyu: University of South Carolina [CNMS2023-A-01914]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam; Poplawsky, Jonathan; Rouleau, Christopher

Locally Modulating Ferroelectricity Through Ion Beam Modification
Maria, Jon-Paul: Pennsylvania State University [CNMS2023-A-01915]
Technical Contact(s): Kelley, Kyle; Randolph, Steven

Optical control of ferroelectric phase in 2D copper halides
Quan, Lina: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University [CNMS2023-A-01916]
Technical Contact(s): Domingo Marimon, Neus; Kelley, Kyle

Electroluminescence of single photon emission in two-dimensional semiconductors
Ling, Xi: Boston University [CNMS2023-A-01917]
Technical Contact(s): Hus, Saban; Lawrie, Benjamin; Puretzky, Alexander

Investigating superconductor pairing symmetry of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x with non-contact Andreev reflection
Ko, Wonhee: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01918]
Technical Contact(s): Li, An-Ping; Maksymovych, Petro

Atom probe tomography study of 3D printed precipitation-strengthened high-entropy alloys
Wen, Haiming: Missouri University of Science and Technology [CNMS2023-A-01919]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan

Strain Effect on the Thermoelectric Properties of Ruddlesden-Popper Oxides
Lee, Dongkyu: University of South Carolina [CNMS2023-A-01920]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam; Rouleau, Christopher

Atom probe tomography study of irradiated precipitation-strengthened high-entropy alloys
Wen, Haiming: Missouri University of Science and Technology [CNMS2023-A-01921]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan

Exploring morphogenesis of ferroelectric phases in binary oxide solid solutions
Maria, Jon-Paul: Pennsylvania State University [CNMS2023-A-01923]
Technical Contact(s): Kelley, Kyle

Transport mechanisms and processes in graphene-oxide membranes by cryo electron microscopy
Borisevich, Albina: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01924]
Technical Contact(s): Zachman, Michael

Hierarchical Porous Films to Enable Ultra-Tall Synthetic Trees
Boreyko, Jonathan: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University [CNMS2023-A-01925]
Technical Contact(s): Collier, Charles Patrick

Enabling in situ and operando ToF-SIMS and APXPS of liquids using microfluidics
Yu, Xiao-Ying: Oak Ridge National Laboratory[CNMS2023-A-01926]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton; Srijanto, Bernadeta

Bandgap and Stability Engineering of Metal Halide Perovskites via Co-Discovery of Physical Model and Experiments
Ahmadi, Mahshid: University of Tennessee [CNMS2023-A-01927]
Technical Contact(s): Ziatdinov, Maxim

Microscopy of composite solid state cathodes
Hatzell, Kelsey: Princeton University [CNMS2023-A-01928] Technical Contact(s): Chi, Miaofang

Time-resolved analysis of light-emission from tantalum oxide thin films
Marinella, Matthew: Arizona State University [CNMS2023-A-01929]
Technical Contact(s): Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Lawrie, Benjamin; Liang, Liangbo; Maksymovych, Petro; Randolph, Steven

First-principles studies of 2D high-entropy materials for energy storage applications
Yu, Liping: University of Maine [CNMS2023-A-01930]
Technical Contact(s): Liang, Liangbo

Analysis of the Mg precipitation behavior and Zn segregation effect on the mechanical properties and microstructure of casting Al-Si alloy
Park, Eun Soo: Seoul National University [CNMS2023-A-01932]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan

Analysis of initial segregation kinetics and microstructure evolution during reversion process in HE-RAFM steel
Park, Eun Soo: Seoul National University [CNMS2023-A-01933]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew

Realization of magnetic Etch-a-Sketch in strain controlled PdCoO2
Brahlek, Matthew: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01934]
Technical Contact(s): Gai, Zheng; Lawrie, Benjamin; Maksymovych, Petro; Randolph, Steven

Understanding formation and phase segregation in 2D lead halide perovskites: a correlative study
Correa-Baena, Juan-Pablo: Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2023-A-01935]
Technical Contact(s): Lawrie, Benjamin

Unraveling the structure of rare earth complexes in aqueous and non-aqueous solutions for novel highly selective rare earth element chemical separation applications
Borisevich, Albina: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01936]
Technical Contact(s): Williams, Alexis

Automated experiments in scanning transmission electron microscopy enabling atomic fabrication and discovery
Roccapriore, Kevin: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2023-A-01938]
Technical Contact(s): Roccapriore, Kevin

Dynamic coupling of magnetostrictive and piezoelectric properties in multiferroic core-shell nanocomposites
Guo, Ruyan: University of Texas San Antonio [CNMS2023-A-01940]
Technical Contact(s): Boebinger, Matthew; Domingo Marimon, Neus; Gai, Zheng; Maksymovych, Petro; Rouleau, Christopher

Synthesis of Quantum Materials in Extreme Environments
Hemley, Russell: University of Illinois at Chicago [CNMS2023-A-01945]
Technical Contact(s): Ganesh, Panchapakesan



Proposal Cycle 2022B: (extended) expire July 31, 2024

Imaging of solutes in grain boundary segregating nanocrystalline alloys
Li, Yao: University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-B-01662]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Incorporation of Pb and Se during Co-sorption on Barite (BaSO4)
Weber, Juliane: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01067]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton; Poplawsky, Jonathan D.; Zachman, Michael

Characterization on 2-D Petal-shaped loop  and <001> loop formation mechanism 
Li, Yao: University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-B-01662]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.; Unocic, Raymond

Nanoscale precipitation phases in selective laser melted high-performance grade 300 maraging steel
Garcia Caballero, Francisca: National Center for Metallurgical Research (CENIM-CSIC) [CNMS2022-B-01449]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Understanding the epitaxial interactions between 2D materials and polymer chains
Li, Bo: Villanova University [CNMS2022-B-01461]
Technical Contact(s): Carrillo, Jan Michael; Chen, Jihua; Fuentes-Cabrera, Miguel A.; Keum, Jong K.

Analytical characterization of H and He in Spallation Neutron Source structural materials
Lach, Timothy: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01464]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D. Unocic, Kinga

Characterization of liquid crystalline elastomers based on thiol-epoxy click chemistry
Li, Yuzhan: University of Science and Technology Beijing [CNMS2022-B-01467]
Technical Contact(s): Chen, Jihua; Keum, Jong K.

On-surface synthesis of decoupled one-dimensional covalent structures on graphene nanoribbons
Ma, Chuanxu: University of Science and Technology of China [CNMS2022-B-01470]
Technical Contact(s): Huang, Jingsong; Li, An-Ping

Integrated acoustic-wave devices for microwave signal processing and quantum information
Shao, Linbo: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University [CNMS2022-B-01473]
Technical Contact(s):  Keum, Jong K.; Kravchenko, Ivan; Lavrik, Nickolay

Imaging Strain Caused by Impurity Incorporation During Mineral Growth– The Model System of Calcite (CaCO3) and Strontium
Chen, Athena: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01477]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton; Neumayer, Sabine; Poplawsky, Jonathan D.; Zachman, Michael

Modulation of magnetization by MEMS structures
Frantti, Johannes: Finnish Research and Engineering [CNMS2022-B-01478]
Technical Contact(s): Rouleau, Christopher

Large Scale Simulations of the Nanoassembly of Janus Nanoparticles Mediated by their Adhesion on Liposomes and Planar Membranes
Laradji, Mohamed: University of Memphis [CNMS2022-B-01486]
Technical Contact(s): Carrillo, Jan Michael

Advanced characterization of ultra-wideband gap materials and interfaces, two-dimensional materials and heterostructures, and perovskites
Ajayan, Pulickel: Rice University [CNMS2022-B-01492]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan; Lawrie, Benjamin

Evolution and identification of Ni-Nx active surface sites in CO2 electroreduction catalysts using atomic scale in situ imaging
Strasser, Peter: Technische Universität Berlin [CNMS2022-B-01497]
Technical Contact(s): Cullen, David A.

Probing polymer-enzyme interactions that stabilize enzymes so as to preserve their activity in extreme environments
Murthy, Sanjeeva: Rutgers University [CNMS2022-B-01504]
Technical Contact(s): Hong, Kunlun

STEM-EELS and ToF-SIMS characterization of atomically dispersed transition metal catalysts for the electrochemical nitrate reduction reaction
Tarpeh, William: Stanford University [CNMS2022-B-01505]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton; Zachman, Michael

Fractional magnetoresistance oscillations in spin-triplet superconducting rings
Lawrie, Benjamin: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01510]
Technical Contact(s): Kravchenko, Ivan

Quantum sensing of spin fluctuations in van der Waals heterostructures
Lawrie, Benjamin: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01512]
Technical Contact(s): Lawrie, Benjamin; Lester, Kevin

Photophysics of Intrinsic Quantum Emitters in Silicon Nitride
Shalaev, Vladimir: Purdue University [CNMS2022-B-01522]
Technical Contact(s): Lawrie, Benjamin

Understanding the negative thermal expansion (NTE) behavior of pyrovanadates using in situ electron microscopy
Guiton, Beth: University of Kentucky [CNMS2022-B-01525]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan; Unocic, Raymond

Plasma-assisted atomically dispersed Pt catalysis for nonoxidative direct methane conversion to ethylene and hydrogen
Ayodele, Olumide: University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-B-01526]
Technical Contact(s): Briggs, Dayrl P.; Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Huang, Jingsong; Ivanov, Ilia N.; Jakowski, Jacek; Wu, Zili

Laser irradiation of 2D van der Waals crystals for thinning, phase transformation, and defect formation
Puretzky, Alexander: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01530]
Technical Contact(s): Geohegan, David; Hensley, Dale K.; Lupini, Andrew; Puretzky, Alexander; Unocic, Raymond

Study of the stress effects in the rotating lattice complex oxides synthesized by epitaxial solid-phase lateral overgrowth
Evans, Paul: University of Wisconsin – Madison [CNMS2022-B-01531]
Technical Contact(s): Kelley, Kyle; Roccapriore, Kevin; Vasudevan, Rama K.

Novel DMC prediction of excitons, polarons and proximity effects in 2D materials
Rubenstein, Brenda: Brown University [CNMS2022-B-01533]
Technical Contact(s): Ganesh, Panchapakesan

STM and four-probe investigation of metal adsorption in monolayer materials for atomic-scale memory and spintronics applications
Akinwande, Deji Akinwande: University of Texas at Austin [CNMS2022-B-01534]
Technical Contact(s): Hus, Saban

Low-loss EELS nanoscopy of  moiré excitons in twisted bilayer transitional metal chalcogenides
Liu, Yin: North Carolina State University [CNMS2022-B-01535]
Technical Contact(s): Roccapriore, Kevin

Low-loss EELS investigation of surface defects in InGaN-based nanoscale light-emitting diodes
Yoon, Sangmoon: Gachon University [CNMS2022-B-01536]
Technical Contact(s): Lupini, Andrew

Enhancing Memristor Device Performance through Comprehensive Defect-Engineering
Tutuncuoglu, Gozde: Wayne State University [CNMS2022-B-01539]
Technical Contact(s): Collier, Charles Patrick; Gosser, Zachary Q.

Investigation of Violet Phosphorus Dynamics by In Situ STEM Heating and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Formo, Eric: University of Georgia [CNMS2022-B-01542]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Temperature-tuned selectivity of the initial bond rupture in dissociative chemisorption of a branched alkane on Pt(111) investigated by STM
Harrison, Allan (Ian): University of Virginia [CNMS2022-B-01543]
Technical Contact(s): Gai, Zheng

Phase separated model lipid bilayers studied with SIMS
Heberle, Frederick: University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-B-01545]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton

Solid-state Joining of Immiscible Mg-Ti pair
Mao, Keyou: Florida State University [CNMS2022-B-01546]
Technical Contact(s): Unocic, Kinga

Probing Single-Molecule Magnets and Topological Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)
Xue, Ziling: University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-B-01549]
Technical Contact(s): Gai, Zheng

Functionalizing Miniature Soft Robots with 3D Micro-structures
Dong, Xiaoguang: Vanderbilt University [CNMS2022-B-01550]
Technical Contact(s): Lavrik, Nickolay

An e-beam nanopatterned and integrated microfluidics platform for a high throughput cardiac-tissue-on-a-chip model
Joddar, Binata: University of Texas at El Paso [CNMS2022-B-01552]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam; Retterer, Scott

Characterization of Lithium Ion Conduction Behavior Across Synthetic Grain Boundaries in Li3x La1/3-x Ta O3
Ihlefeld, Jon: University of Virginia [CNMS2022-B-01554]
Technical Contact(s): Neumayer, Sabine

Pulsed Laser Deposition of Fe-Tb-Dy Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor Films
Allen, Tatiana: University of Tennessee-Chattanooga [CNMS2022-B-01558]
Technical Contact(s): Rouleau, Christopher

Ab initio derivation of magnetic interactions in quantum spin liquid candidate K2UTe3
Rosa, Priscila: Los Alamos National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01560]
Technical Contact(s): Berlijn, Tom

Defect Structure of Single-Layer WS2 with Remote N2 Plasma Treatment
Huang, Shengxi: Pennsylvania State University [CNMS2022-B-01561]
Technical Contact(s): Briggs, Dayrl P.; Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Hus, Saban; Liang, Liangbo; Puretzky, Alexander

Integration of single photon emitters in silicon nitride photonic structures
Weiss, Sharon: Vanderbilt University [CNMS2022-B-01562]
Technical Contact(s): Kravchenko, Ivan; Puretzky, Alexander

Resource dynamics and fungal-bacterial interactions in the hyphosphere of root endophytic fungi
Hestrin, Rachel: University of Massachusetts Amherst [CNMS2022-B-01565]
 Technical Contact(s): Retterer, Scott

Understanding helium and deuterium trapping by interfaces in dispersion strengthened-tungsten
Wang, Xing: Pennsylvania State University [CNMS2022-B-01566]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Vibrational Molecular Strong-Coupling in Infrared Plasmonic n-Type Dopant Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Cho, Shin Hum: Keimyung University [CNMS2022-B-01568]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan; Roccapriore, Kevin

Ion dynamics in ionic liquid-based polymer electrolytes
Hermes, Ilka: Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden [CNMS2022-B-01572]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam; Ievlev, Anton

Optimizing Lanthanide-based Oxide Nanoparticles to Fabricate Actinide Thin Films for Medical Applications
Taylor, Nei: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01573]
Technical Contact(s): Chen, Jihua, Hensley, Dale K.; Ievlev, Anton; Keum, Jong K.; Lokitz, Bradley

Mechano-chemical imaging of plant cell walls undergoing tension wood formation
Foston, Marcus: Washington University in St Louis [CNMS2022-B-01575]
Technical Contact(s): Ievlev, Anton; Kelley, Kyle; Vasudevan, Rama K.

Exploring alternate synthesis routes and their effect on the structure and particle size and morphology of lithium excess cation disordered rocksalt cathodes
Self, Ethan: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01576]
Technical Contact(s): Hensley, Dale K.; Keum, Jong K.

Modified cantilever arrays improve sensitivity and reproducibility of nanomechanical sensing
Thundat, Thomas State: University of New York at Buffalo [CNMS2022-B-01578]
Technical Contact(s): Srijanto, Bernadeta

A synergistic computational and experimental approach to understand the electronic structure of HgTe quantum dots for mid-IR applications
Palchoudhury, Soubantika: University of Dayton [CNMS2022-B-01579]
Technical Contact(s): Huang, Jingsong

Multi-layer stacked microfluidic reactors for maintaining novel cellular assembloids for chemical imaging in neuroscience.
Millet, Larry: University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-B-01581]
Technical Contact(s): Srijanto, Bernadeta

Enabling the Rapid Prediction of Reaction Intermediate Stability via Linear Scaling Relations for Ethane Oxidative Dehydrogenation on Transition Metal Oxides
Hensley, Alyssa: Stevens Institute of Technology [CNMS2022-B-01584]
Technical Contact(s): Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Juang, Jingsong

High resolution determination of phase transformation mechanisms in 2D transition metal sulfides
Guiton, Beth: University of Kentucky [CNMS2022-B-01585]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Long-term stability and coarsening of compact γ′/γ″ precipitates in alloy 725 variants
Detrois, Martin: National Energy Technology Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01586]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

GIS Chemistry Development
Lewis, Brett: Carl Zeiss NTS [CNMS2022-B-01588]
Technical Contact(s): Randolph, Steven

Investigating the metal droplet/metal oxide interface for heterostructure fabrication using in situ transmission electron microscopy
Guiton, Beth: University of Kentucky [CNMS2022-B-01589]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Microscopic Analysis of Self-Assembled [n.n]Paracyclophane-Urea Derivatives
Castellano, Ronald: University of Florida [CNMS2022-B-01590]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam

Understanding the Thermal Stability of Phase-Controlled Pd and Pt Nanocrystals for Future Catalytic Applications
Xia, Younan: Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2022-B-01597]
Technical Contact(s): Chi, Miaofang

Magneto-Statics and -Dynamics of Perovskite-Oxide-Based Artificial Spin Ice Heterostructures
Takamura, Yayoi: University of California Davis [CNMS2022-B-01599]
Technical Contact(s): Retterer, Scott; Srijanto, Bernadeta

Investigating polarization switching dynamics and fatigue behaviour of fluorite-structure ferroelectrics by iDPC and in-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy 
Kacher, Joshua: Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2022-B-01600]
Technical Contact(s): Lupini, Andrew

Nanofabrication of Germanium-based Josephson Junctions
Sardashti, Kasra: Clemson University [CNMS2022-B-01601]
Technical Contact(s): Briggs, Dayrl P.; Kravchenko, Ivan

Atomic-scale characterization of quasi-1D chalcogenides
Mishra, Rohan: Washington University in St Louis [CNMS2022-B-01602]
Technical Contact(s): Chi, Miaofang; Hachtel, Jordan

Mechanical and thermal properties of two-dimensional van der Waals materials investigated by functional atomic force microscopy
Zhang, Shuai: University of Washington [CNMS2022-B-01603]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam

Nanoscale interaction study of dopants and grain boundaries in zirconia polycrystalline ceramics under ageing conditions
Mazumder, Baishakhi: University at Buffalo [CNMS2022-B-01604]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Edge structure manipulation of atomically thin MoS2 nanoribbons using in-situ heating
Li, Xufan: Honda Research Institute USA Inc. [CNMS2022-B-01609]
Technical Contact(s): Unocic, Raymond

Design of Catalytic Active Sites for Methane Reforming over Complex Mixed Metal Oxide Catalysts
POLO GARZON, FELIPE: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01612]
Technical Contact(s): Hensley, Dale K.; Unocic, Raymond; Wu, Zili

Majumdar, Arun: Stanford University [CNMS2022-B-01613]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

STM characterization of graphene nanoribbons synthesized on non-metallic substrates
Tao, Chenggang: University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-B-01621]
Technical Contact(s): Li, An-Ping

Electrocoagulation/Electrooxidation to Acceleration Cost-Effective Portable Water Reuse
Jang, Gyoung Gug: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01623]
Technical Contact(s): Chen, Jihua; Collins, Liam; Hensley, Dale K.; Keum, Jong K.; Tsai, Wan-Yu; Wang, Yangyang

Nonlinear domain cluster mapping with interferometric displacement sensing (IDS) PFM
Peters, Travis: Pennsylvania State University [CNMS2022-B-01627]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam

Probing Li-ion pathway in composite electrolytes
Chen, Xi: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01628]
Technical Contact(s): Hensley, Dale K.; Tsai, Wan-Yu

Vibrational EELS of Doped Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Camden, Jon L University of Notre Dame [CNMS2022-B-01629]
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan

Correlative APT-STEM microscopy analysis for understanding effects of alloying elements on bubble formation in ferritic-martensitic steels
Wang, Xing: Pennsylvania State University [CNMS2022-B-01631]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Electron energy gain spectroscopy (EEGS) of gold nanorod Fabry-Perot resonances on heated substrates
Camden, Jon University of Notre DameCNMS2022-B-01635
Technical Contact(s): Hachtel, Jordan; Hensley, Dale K.

Electrode Arrays for Nanoscale Measurement
Lane, Baker: Texas A&M University College Station [CNMS2022-B-01640]
Technical Contact(s): Lavrik, Nickolay

High Performance Simulations of Nanoscale Materials and Dynamics
Bernholc, Jerzy (Jerry): North Carolina State University [CNMS2022-B-01651]
Technical Contact(s): Ganesh, Panchapakesan

Probing the Mechanical Stability of Hybrid Functional Nanostructures Using Operando Atomic Force Microscopy
Nazemi, Mohammadreza: The Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System [CNMS2022-B-01652]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam

Catalyst Design for Low-Temperature Cleavage of Polyolefin Wastes
Laursen, Siris: University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-B-01655]
Technical Contact(s): Wu, Zili

Compositional effects on the γ′/γ″ co-precipitation or formation of compact precipitates in alloy 725 variants
Detrois, Martin: National Energy Technology Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01656]
Technical Contact(s): Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Reveling the Reactions and Mechanisms of Metallic Species in Co-Mn Oxide Nanoparticles for CO2 Hydrogenation
Unocic, Kinga: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01660]
Technical Contact(s): Unocic, Kinga

AFM study to Elucidate Mechano-Electrical Differences in Cell Membranes of Cancer Cells and Normal Primary Cells using Magnetotelectric Nanoparticles
Nallathamby, Prakash: University of Notre Dame [CNMS2022-B-01661]
Technical Contact(s): Collins, Liam

Exploring electrode/ Li6PS5X (X=Cl, Br, and/or I) solid electrolyte interfaces
Yang, Guang: Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-B-01667]
Technical Contact(s): Tsai, Wan-Yu


Proposal Cycle 2022A: (extended) expire January 31, 2024

From 2D to 1D nanostructures
Canulescu, Stela; Technical University of Denmark [CNMS2022-A-00869]
Technical Contact(s):  Geohegan, David; Puretzky, Alexander; Rouleau, Christopher

Precipitation evolution in 347H stainless steel’s effect on residual stress distribution and further failure mechanism
Gao, Yanfei; University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-A-01054]
Technical Contact(s):  Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Nanoscale characterization of radiation effects in structural alloys
Lach, Timothy; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01083]
Technical Contact(s):  Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Impacts of surface topography on the nucleation of carbonate and sulfate minerals
Yuan, Ke; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01086]
Technical Contact(s):  Lavrik, Nickolay

Probing Size Effects in Quasi 2D Regime of Spin-Crossover Molecular Material
Shatruk, Michael; Florida State University [CNMS2022-A-01091]
Technical Contact(s):  Baddorf, Arthur; Maksymovych, Petro

Leveraging microfluidics for high resolution microscopic insights into fungal endosymbiont interactions and mating biology
Uehling, Jessie; Oregon State University [CNMS2022-A-01095]
Technical Contact(s):  Retterer, Scott

Nanoscale investigation of the interplay between SC and CDW in NixZrTe3
Wang, Gang; Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics [CNMS2022-A-01098]
Technical Contact(s):  Maksymovych, Petro

Ultra High Conductivity Materials (Cu tape + CNTs + Graphene) for Electrification Applications
Aytug, Tolga; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01101]
Technical Contact(s):  Ivanov, Ilia N.; Lupini, Andrew; Unocic, Raymond; Vlassiouk, Ivan

Visualizing order parameters in heavy fermion superconductors
Kreisel, Andreas; Leipzig University [CNMS2022-A-01103]
Technical Contact(s):  Berlijn, Tom

Unraveling the structure of isolated ReOx sites in HZSM-5 zeolite during ammonia assisted light alkanes reforming
Xiang, Yizhi; Mississippi State University [CNMS2022-A-01104]
Technical Contact(s):  Chi, Miaofang; Unocic, Raymond; Wu, Zili

Building Emulators of Massive-scale Agent Based Models for Investigating Complex Systems: Applications in Microbiology
McGough, Andrew Stephen; Newcastle University [CNMS2022-A-01106]
Technical Contact(s):  Fuentes-Cabrera, Miguel A.

Using coal as a precursor for battery anodes
Vautard, Frederic; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01109]
Technical Contact(s):  Arnould, Mark; Chen, Jihua; Hong, Kunlun; Ivanov, Ilia N.; Puretzky, Alexander

Probing Cooper Pairing in Iron Based Superconductors Using Raman Spectroscopy
He, Ge; University College Cork [CNMS2022-A-01114]
Technical Contact(s):  Berlijn, Tom; Maier, Thomas

Transition metal manipulation by STM for artificial molecular lattice assembly.
Baddorf, Arthur; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01119]
Technical Contact(s):  Baddorf, Arthur

Sub-picosecond all-optical switching of on-chip Si-VO2 structures
Weiss, Sharon; Vanderbilt University [CNMS2022-A-01120]
Technical Contact(s):  Retterer, Scott

Evaluating Electro-chemo-mechanical Behavior of Solid-State Battery Materials
Dixit, Marm; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01122]
Technical Contact(s):  Neumayer, Sabine

Investigation of precipitation kinetics in Haynes 282 superalloy made by wire arc additive manufacturing
Xiong, Wei; University of Pittsburgh [CNMS2022-A-01128]
Technical Contact(s):  Unocic, Raymond

Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Integrated Protein Crystal Hybrids by Various Scattering Methods
Frano, Alex; University of California San Diego [CNMS2022-A-01129]
Technical Contact(s):  Arnould, Mark; Bonnesen, Peter V.; Hong, Kunlun

Discovery of half-metallic Heusler electrodes with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy that provide high TMR in MTJ devices
Faleev, Sergey; University of Alabama Tuscaloosa [CNMS2022-A-01130]
Technical Contact(s):  Sumpter, Bobby

Manipulating the Sign of the Kitaev Exchange Via Phonons in Kitaev Quantum Spin Liquid Candidate alpha-RuCl3
Todadri, Senthil; Massachusetts Institute of Technology [CNMS2022-A-01136]
Technical Contact(s):  Berlijn, Tom

Effect of disordered substrate reconstructions and defects on the electronic structure of monolayer FeSe / SrTiO3
Sims, Hunter; Francis Marion University [CNMS2022-A-01140]
Technical Contact(s):  Berlijn, Tom

Computational Design of High-performance Electrocatalysts for Carbon Dioxide Reduction by High-throughput Screening and Machine Learning
Chen, Zhongfang; University of Puerto Rico [CNMS2022-A-01143]
Technical Contact(s):  Fung, Victor; Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Huang, Jingsong; Sumpter, Bobby

Understanding Selectivity Mechanisms in Redox-Active Polymer Interfaces through In situ Raman Spectroscopy Studies
Su, Xiao; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign [CNMS2022-A-01147]
Technical Contact(s):  Wu, Zili

The relationship between product distribution of electrochemical CO2/CO reduction and Cu content in graphene quantum dots (GQDs) catalysts
Lyu, Xiang; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01148]
Technical Contact(s):  Cullen, David A.

Molecular Engineering of the Active Sites in Supported Cu/Zeolite Catalysts
Ding, Kunlun; Louisiana State University [CNMS2022-A-01149]
Technical Contact(s):  Cullen, David A.; Ivanov, Ilia N.; Wu, Zili

Ferroelectricity in (La0.7Sr0.3)MnO3 (LSMO) oxides
Wei, Xiankui; Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH [CNMS2022-A-01150]
Technical Contact(s):  Collins, Liam

Construction of atomistic model of nanohybrid of antibody (G) on Au nano-particles of different size
Narayan, Roger; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [CNMS2022-A-01152]
Technical Contact(s): Jakowski, Jacek; Sumpter, Bobby

Investigation of nano-structure of multi composition Refractory High Entropy Alloy
Park, Eun Soo; Seoul National University [CNMS2022-A-01154]
Technical Contact(s):  Unocic, Raymond

Boosting the electrochemical reduction of CO2 using anionic single metal atom center
Gu, Jinxing; Monash University [CNMS2022-A-01161]
Technical Contact(s):  Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Huang, Jingsong; Sumpter, Bobby

Synthesis of open shell heterographenes and nanoribbons
Popovs, Ilja; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01164]
Technical Contact(s):  Li, An-Ping

Interlayer coupling effect on quantum spin liquids in atomically thin 1T-TaS2
Kim, Tae-Hwan; Pohang University of Science and Technology [CNMS2022-A-01168]
Technical Contact(s):  Li, An-Ping

Surface Defect Dictates Charge Transport and Collection Efficiency in Halide-Segregated Phase in Hybrid Perovskites
Ahmadi, Mahshid; University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-A-01171]
Technical Contact(s):  Lawrie, Benjamin

Evaluating the impact of hydrogen combustion on the oxidation behavior of Ni-based alloys
Pillai, Rishi; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01175]
Technical Contact(s):  Ievlev, Anton

Direct Determination of the Surface Magnetism of Topological Semimetal BaMnSb2
Jin, Rongying; University of South Carolina [CNMS2022-A-01176]
Technical Contact(s):  Gai, Zheng

Subwavelength engineered photonic crystals achieving enhanced light-matter interaction
Weiss, Sharon; Vanderbilt University [CNMS2022-A-01177]
Technical Contact(s):  Retterer, Scott

Characterization of Precipitate Evolution in Similar and Dissimilar Self-Reacting Friction Stir Welds of 2xxx Series Aluminum Alloys
Rawn, Claudia; University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-A-01179]
Technical Contact(s):  Poplawsky, Jonathan D.; Unocic, Raymond

Nanotechnology-Enabled Investigations of the Interactions of Bioactive Peptides and Gene Editing of Intact Plants
Greenberg, Jean; University of Chicago [CNMS2022-A-01182]
Technical Contact(s):  Hensley, Dale K.

Development of microfluidics to study cellular organization in bacteria
Mannik, Jaan; University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-A-01183]
Technical Contact(s):  Retterer, Scott

Atomic structure, electronic structure, and ferroelectricity of group IV monochalcogenides: From few-layer crystals to nanowires
Sutter, Peter; University of Nebraska-Lincoln [CNMS2022-A-01186]
Technical Contact(s):  Collins, Liam; Hachtel, Jordan; Puretzky, Alexander; Unocic, Raymond

Imaging mobile oxygen vacancies in graphene-oxide heterostructure
Choi, Woo Seok; Sungkyunkwan University [CNMS2022-A-01190]
Technical Contact(s):  Ko, Wonhee

Responsive smart polymer additives to enable on-demand property control in large-scale concrete 3D printing
Zhou, Hongyu; University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-A-01192]
Technical Contact(s):   Advincula, Rigoberto; Chen, Jihua; Jesse, Stephen

Study of the size and interface effect on the crystallization temperature of metallic glasses
Park, Eun Soo; Seoul National University[CNMS2022-A-01194]
Technical Contact(s):  Unocic, Raymond

Analysis of initial segregation kinetics prior to austenite nucleation during reversion process in HE-RAFM steel
Park, Eun Soo; Seoul National University [CNMS2022-A-01195]
Technical Contact(s):  Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Analysis of electron transport and surface properties of nanomaterials for functionalization by DNA aptamers
BOUSIAKOU, LIDA GEORGIA; IMD Laboratories Ltd Athens Greece [CNMS2022-A-01196]
Technical Contact(s):  Ivanov, Ilia N.

Local mapping of ferrielectric phases and their Curie temperatures in layered ferroelectrics
Balke, Nina; North Carolina State University [CNMS2022-A-01198]
Technical Contact(s):  Neumayer, Sabine

Studying Phonon Dispersion in Pristine and Irradiated High Entropy Carbide Ceramics (HECCs) using Ultra-High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Bawane, Kaustubh;  Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC (Idaho Nat Lab) [CNMS2022-A-01199]
Technical Contact(s):  Hachtel, Jordan

Characterization of InGaN Quantum dots in GaN Nanowires by STEM and SEM microscopy
Arafin, Shamsul; Ohio State University Research Foundation [CNMS2022-A-01202]
Technical Contact(s):  Lawrie, Benjamin

Machining of quantum materials using FIB for switching measurements
Mandrus, David; University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-A-01203]
Technical Contact(s):  Randolph, Steven

3D printing of battery electrodes
Li, Jianlin; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01205]
Technical Contact(s):  Advincula, Rigoberto; Hong, Kunlun; Ievlev, Anton; Poplawsky, Jonathan D. ; Unocic, Raymond; Zachman, Michael

Repeated reversal of polarization with unipolar fields in layered ferroelectrics
Balke, Nina; North Carolina State University [CNMS2022-A-01209]
Technical Contact(s):  Neumayer, Sabine

Amphiphilic anionic oligomers – synthesis, assembly, and dynamics for chemical separations
Doughty, Benjamin; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01212]
Technical Contact(s):  Carrillo, Jan Michael

Unravelling grain boundary interfaces in inorganic, low-bandgap perovskite solar cells
Ahmadi, Mahshid; University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-A-01213]
Technical Contact(s):  Kelley, Kyle; Lawrie, Benjamin

In situ investigation of switching mechanisms in electrochemical random access memory (ECRAM)
Talin, Albert; Sandia Corporation [CNMS2022-A-01216]
Technical Contact(s):  Ievlev, Anton

Revealing the Dielectric Properties of Metal Halide Perovskites with Spatial Resolution using Scanning Microwave Impedance Microscopy
Ahmadi, Mahshid; University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-A-01220]
Technical Contact(s):  Neumayer, Sabine

Dielectrophoretic devices for amplification free detection of disease biomarkers
Nadappuram, Binoy Paulose; Imperial College London [CNMS2022-A-01222]
Technical Contact(s): Srijanto, Bernadeta

Development of a rhizosphere-on-a-chip for correlated optical and chemical imaging of multi-kingdom interactions
Retterer, Scott; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01225]
Technical Contact(s):  Retterer, Scott

Synthesis of resins for lithium-ion battery electrode via radiation curing processing
Li, Jianlin; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01226]
Technical Contact(s):  Arnould, Mark; Hong, Kunlun

Understanding the role of metallic dopants in lithium metal anodes on its electrodeposition behavior
Sahore, Ritu; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01229]
Technical Contact(s):  Zachman, Michael

Understanding Transformation of PET Films during Mechanocatalytic Collisions
Sievers, Carsten; Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2022-A-01232]
Technical Contact(s):  Jesse, Stephen

Morphological studies of a new class of high χ block copolymers
Sakellariou, George ; National and Kapodistrian University of Athens [CNMS2022-A-01234]
Technical Contact(s):  Arnould, Mark; Chen, Jihua; Hong, Kunlun

Investigation of the Deformation-induced Phase Transformation in Refractory High-entropy Alloys
Fan, Xuesong; University of Tennessee [CNMS2022-A-01241]
Technical Contact(s):  Poplawsky, Jonathan D.

Effects of Pressure and Additives on Tribofilm Formation using MM-AFM/Nano-IR and TOF-SIMS
Cogen, Kerry; Infineum USA L.P. [CNMS2022-A-01243]
Technical Contact(s):  Neumayer, Sabine

Nanopore devices for protein analysis
Edel, Joshua; Imperial College-London [CNMS2022-A-01244]
Technical Contact(s):  Srijanto, Bernadeta; Unocic, Raymond

Nanoscale investigation of the ferroelectric wake-up effect in polycrystalline HZO thin films
Schmitt, Sebastian; Helmholtz Centre Berlin [CNMS2022-A-01245]
Technical Contact(s):  Vasudevan, Rama K.

Understanding the Role of Substrate Processing for MHP Performance
Ovchinnikova, Olga; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01246]
Technical Contact(s):  Neumayer, Sabine

Correlative 3D metabolic and structural in situ imaging of human tissues
Coskun, Ahmet; Georgia Institute of Technology [CNMS2022-A-01249]
Technical Contact(s):  Ievlev, Anton

Pulsed laser deposition of the (MnTe)(Bi2Te3)n series intrinsic antiferromagnetic topological insulator thin films
Eres, Gyula; Oak Ridge National Laboratory [CNMS2022-A-01257]
Technical Contact(s):  Hachtel, Jordan; Li, An-Ping; Puretzky, Alexander; Rouleau, Christopher

Exploring the excitonic properties of 2D TMDs interfaces
Idrobo, Juan Carlos; University of Washington [CNMS2022-A-01258]
Technical Contact(s):  Hachtel, Jordan

Probing Defects and Grain Boundaries in Novel Two-dimensional Materials
Kidambi, Piran; Vanderbilt University [CNMS2022-A-01261]
Technical Contact(s):  Hachtel, Jordan; Ko, Wonhee

A Platform for Probing Ion Transport through Nanoscale Pores in Two-dimensional Materials
Kidambi, Piran; Vanderbilt University [CNMS2022-A-01263]
Technical Contact(s):  Dyck, Ondrej

Atomically dispersed metal-nitrogen-carbon and copper nitride catalysts for electrochemical CO2 reduction.
Wu, Gang; State University of New York at Buffalo [CNMS2022-A-01264]
Technical Contact(s):  Zachman, Michael