FEI Titan TEM/STEM (mock up)

FEI Titan TEM/STEM (mock up)

The FEI Titan is a transmission electron microscope that operates in both scanning and non-scanning modes ... analyzes samples under in situ and operando conditions ... outstanding choice for users focused on catalysis and inorganic structures such as particles.

Instrument Description

Probe-corrected microscope features a Gatan Quantum EELS and Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF), with dual-EELS and fast spectrum imaging capabilities, an ‘extreme Schottky’ high-brightness field emission gun (X-FEG), and variable operating voltages (60, 120, and 300 kV). Instrument is equipped with high-angle annular dark field (HAADF), annular dark field (ADF), and bright field (BF) STEM detectors for sub-Å imaging.  The FEI Titan-S aberration-corrected TEM/STEM has recently undergone major upgrades to enhance CNMS capabilities for analytical and in-situ microscopy: (i) addition of a large active area (60mm2) EDAX silicon drift detector (SDD) for high-collection-efficiency energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), enabling the simultaneous acquisition of EDS and EELS spectrum images; (ii) Protochips Atmosphere gas environmental cell holder for conducting in-situ gas reactions at pressures to 1 atm. and temperatures up to 1000°C.  This new holder complements other specialized/in-situ holders available for use on the Titan, including holders for electrochemistry/liquid-flow (Protochips Poseidon), electrical biasing and heating (Protochips Aduro PE), in-situ AFM/STM (Nanofactory), 3D electron tomography, and LN2 cooling; (iii) Gatan OneViewCMOS camera with in-situ option for high-frame-rate image/video capture.

Staff and User Research

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  • extreme Schottky-field emission gun (X-FEG)
  • CEOS dodecapole probe (STEM) aberration corrector
  • GIF Quantum with dual EELS and fast spectrum imaging capabilities
  • Operating voltages: 60kV, 120kV, and 300kV
  • HAADF/ADF/BF STEM detectors
  • advanced version 2k X 2k UltraScan CCD
  • CompuStage SuperTwin lens (±30° tilt) 
  • Holders:
    • FEI single/double tilting holders
    • Vacuum transfer holder
    • Nanofactory AFM/STM holders
    • LN2 cooling holder
    • Protochip Aduro heating holder
User Facility 

Instrument Scientist