2017 CNMS Division Awards

2017 CNMS Division Awards

Distinguished Scientific Paper

Akinola Oyedele, Liangbo Liang, Alexander Puretzky, Kai Wang, Jingjie Zhang, Pushpa Pudasaini, Christopher Rouleau, Bobby Sumpter, Philip Rack, Dave Geohegan, and Kai Xiao, "PdSe2: Pentagonal Two-Dimensional Layers with High Air Stability for Electronics," J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139, 14090 (2017).


Distinguished Patent

Minghu Pan, Miguel Fuentes-Cabrera, Peter Maksymovych, and Bobby Sumpter, "Self-assembly patterning of organic molecules on a surface" (US 9,610,608 B2).


Outstanding Scientific or Technical Contribution

Yang Song, Rui Peng, Dale Hensley, Peter Bonnesen, Liangbo Liang, Zili Wu, Miaofang Chi, Cheng Ma, Bobby Sumpter, and Adam Rondinone, For discovery of a novel electrochemical reaction in which carbon dioxide is converted directly into ethanol with both high yield and high selectivity.


CNMS User Project

Jonathan Poplawsky, First-time application of laser-assisted atom probe tomography to identify deactivation mechanisms of zeolite catalysts at the atomic-scale.

User collaborations: Utrecht University (Bert Weckhuysen, Joel Schmidt, Ozgun Attila, and Donglong Fu); SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (Simon Bare).


Postdoctoral Award

Liam Collins, For highly recognized advances in Kelvin probe force microscopy, including development of general mode KPFM and to applications of KPFM to imaging in liquids and for resolving time dependent ionic motion.


Special Award

Kevin Harman, For outstanding support to CNMS researchers.