Zinc Magnesium Oxide: An Emerging Material for Highly Sensitive Devices

Zinc Magnesium Oxide: An Emerging Material for Highly Sensitive Devices


  • Punam Murkute, Indian Institute of Technology , Bombay
January 15, 2019 - 10:00am to 11:00am


The speaker will discuss research that was carried out to determine whether zinc magnesium oxide would be superior to zinc oxide in oxide-based semiconductor applications, in terms of optical, structural, and elemental properties. A cost-effective radio-frequency sputtering technique was employed to form high-quality Zn1–xMgxO thin films. The thin films underwent annealing to further improve their optoelectrical and structural properties. The optimized thin films underwent a unique, low-cost hydrothermal bath process, which produced high-quality Zn1–xMgxO nanorods that are suitable for various device applications. A photodetector and a humidity sensor based on the nanorods were tested. A peak responsivity of 62.19 A/W at about 350 nm attributed to a near-band-edge emission peak was measured from the photodetector (a three-order enhancement in detectivity values over ZnO). AC-based impedance measurement of the humidity sensor registered high sensitivity of 1.50% for changes in relative humidity. The humidity sensor demonstrated better linearity with relative humidity in terms of current, sensitivity, repeatability, and area of operability.

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Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences


  • High Temperature Materials Laboratory
  • Building: 4515
  • Room: 265

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