In Pursuit of Li Metal Batteries: From Fundamentals to Application

In Pursuit of Li Metal Batteries: From Fundamentals to Application


  • Andrew Westover, Chemical Sciences Division Physical Chemistry of Materials Group
January 16, 2019 - 10:00am to 11:00am


Incorporating lithium metal as the anode in Li-ion batteries has the potential to fill the demand for energy-storage devices with extremely high specific and volumetric energy densities. The speaker will summarize research that has brought the possibility of using Li metal anodes in ultrahigh-energy-density Li-ion batteries several steps closer to being realized:

(1) the application of ab initio molecular dynamics simulations, neutron pair distribution function analysis, and infrared spectroscopy in efforts to definitively identify the atomic structure of phosphorus oxynitride (Lipon), an electrolyte first invented at ORNL in the 1990s;

(2) efforts to identify the origin of Li dendrite growth in solid-state electrolytes by using in situ neutron depth profiling and by artificially synthesizing Lipon-Lipon grain boundaries; and

(3) efforts to translate this knowledge into the design of novel solid-state electrolytes that capture the same positive attributes as Lipon but have a greater ionic conductivity and the potential to be scalably processed.

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Refreshments will be served at 9:30.

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Physical Sciences Directorate Materials and Chemistry Seminar


  • Wigner Auditorium
  • Building: 4500-N
  • Room: 250

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