Performance Portability from a Single Source Code

Performance Portability from a Single Source Code


  • Valentin Clement, Center for Climate System Modelling, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
January 22, 2019 - 9:00am to 10:00am


Researchers in the weather and climate community often share in the development of local and global models but execute them on different supercomputer architectures. That practice leads to multiple specific versions of the same code because the code must be optimized to suit individual target supercomputers. Because of specific optimizations (e.g., major loop restructuring), the codes are not portable. In addition, new architectures based on the x86 multicore central processing unit that are being introduced are accompanied by new programming models and optimization techniques, and they are being developed at a pace that has not been matched by the development of code that can run on them. The speaker will describe CLAW, a code manipulation framework intended to enable the portability of a single source code. CLAW provides a set of low-level primitive transformations and “single-column abstraction,” which bridges the gap between domain specialists and computer scientists. CLAW can generate code based on the target architecture and the compiler directives to be used.

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About the Speaker:

Valentin Clement is a scientific software engineer at the Center for Climate System Modelling at ETH Zurich and MeteoSwiss, where he is the lead engineer on the CLAW Compiler Project. 

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National Center for Computational Sciences


  • Building: 4500-N
  • Room: E-100

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