Magnetic Ordering of La1/3Sr2/3FeO3

Magnetic Ordering of La<sub>1/3</sub>Sr<sub>2/3</sub>FeO<sub>3</sub>


  • Fei Li, Paul Scherrer Institut/ Swiss Federal Institute of Technology , Villigen
January 11, 2019 - 10:00am to 11:00am


Magnetic ordering is closely related to the novel electronic properties of a strongly correlated electron system, however, for many systems it is a still unresolved issue. La1/3Sr2/3FeO3 is such a system. It shows a metal-insulator transition accompanied by a magnetic transition at 200 K. Although magnetic structure was reported to be P3 ̅m1 or P1 from the neutron diffraction studies performed at 50 K and 15 K, respectively, both solutions seem problematic: the former seems not to be a correct solution since the presence of 3 ̅ rotoinversion is incompatible with the claimed collinear magnetic structure; and the latter has no symmetry restrictions in space group P1. In a recent study of this system, an unusual slowing down of recovery of optical excited state at the transition temperature was observed. In this study, the static and dynamical magnetic ordering of this compound have been studied by using neutron powder/single crystal diffraction, neutron spherical polarimetry, and μSR spectroscopy. From full symmetry analysis, a canted helical model and a collinear model are proposed, based on neutron powder diffraction studies. The neutron single crystal diffraction and spherical polarimetry results appear to favor the canted helical model. The μSR data reveal a strong magnetic fluctuation across the magnetic transition and at least 3 magnetic inequivalent muon sites at 5 K.

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Neutron Scattering Division


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