Full Core Modeling with coupled Monte-Carlo Codes

Full Core Modeling with coupled Monte-Carlo Codes


  • Dr. Dan Kotlyar, Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
November 13, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm


Modeling advanced reactor designs represents a significant challenge to the conventional reactor analysis methods. The Monte Carlo (MC) method is perceived as an ideal way to accurately model various advanced reactor systems because of the capability of simulating complex core geometries. The advances in computer technology are gradually changing the reactor analysis modeling environment. As a result, MC neutron transport codes are increasingly used as a standard calculation tool in reactor calculations. It is even becoming practical to couple MC neutron transport calculations with depletion and thermal hydraulic (TH) feedback to extend the range of applications even further. Many MC-burnup coupling schemes have been developed. This seminar will present coupling methods used in various MC-based reactor analysis systems. In particular, the effect of different burnup-TH coupling schemes on the numerical stability and accuracy of coupled MC calculations will be presented. The seminar will focus on the latest development and possible future research pathways.

Sponsoring Organization 

Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division


  • Weinberg Auditorium
  • Building: 4500N
  • Room: I126

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