Fast and Scalable Low-Order Unstructured Finite-Element Earthquake Simulation

Fast and Scalable Low-Order Unstructured Finite-Element Earthquake Simulation


  • Tsuyoshi Ichimura, the University of Tokyo, Japan
January 5, 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm


Simulation of nonlinear earthquake wave propagation in city domains is an important problem for disaster mitigation. Implicit, low-order unstructured finite-element simulation is used to accurately compute wave propagation in a medium with highly heterogeneous nonlinear material properties and complex geometry. Such computation is challenging on current supercomputers, and thus we have been developing fast and scalable unstructured low-order finite-element solvers by developing algorithms and implementations suitable for the target supercomputer system and the target wave propagation problem. In this seminar I will talk about solvers that have enabled high performance on the whole K computer system and on the Xeon Phi (Knights Landing)–based Oakforest-PACS system. I will also discuss the performance of our solvers on P100-based GPU systems and our prospective use of V100-based GPU systems.


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About the Speaker:

Dr. Tsuyoshi Ichimura is an associate professor in the Earthquake Research Institute at the University of Tokyo.

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National Center for Computational Sciences


  • Computational Sciences Building
  • Building: 5600
  • Room: C-101

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