Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Manufacturing


  • Moderators: David Womble (AI Program Director), Xin Sun (ETSD Division Director), Jeremy Busby (MSTD Division Director), Shaun Gleason (CADAD Division Director), and Rick Raines (EESRD Division Director)
December 12, 2018 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm


The Office of Science and Technology Policy has recognized that the key to growth in the manufacturing industry in America is the development of next-generation manufacturing technologies. Recent advances in architectures for artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things have created promising opportunities for major scientific breakthroughs that can revolutionize the manufacturing industry. National-level investments are anticipated in the areas of smart/digital manufacturing, advanced industrial robotics, and manufacturing systems enabled by machine learning and AI. ORNL possesses signature capabilities in materials science, advanced manufacturing, and high-performance computing/data sciences that can be leveraged to create such a revolution in the US manufacturing industry. This internal workshop seeks to gather all interested ORNL scientists/engineers to define our five-year strategic roadmap to achieve transformative and disruptive machine learning and AI capabilities for

(1) traditional manufacturing processes that enable rapid integration of advanced and critical materials,

(2) acceleration of qualification and certification of additively manufactured parts, and

(3) risk reduction in the areas of exploitation and intellectual property piracy of advanced manufacturing processes and products.

Additional Information 

This workshop is part of a Lab-wide AI workshop series led by the ORNL AI Program.

The four-hour workshop will be composed of two sessions: a two-hour session with planned presentations/pitches, and a two-hour panel discussion led by the workshop organizers. The outcome of the workshop will be a report for ORNL leadership that identifies innovative and potentially disruptive changes in manufacturing technologies and serves as the basis for an ORNL strategy to establish the Lab as a national and international leader.

All interested ORNL staff are invited to attend.

Note: If you are not a US citizen, please check that the NTRC is on your list of approved buildings. If not, please work with your administrative support staff to have it added before the meeting.

Sponsoring Organization 

ORNL Artificial Intelligence Program


  • National Transportation Research Center
  • Building: NTRC-1
  • Room: CCO1

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