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Topics: Nuclear Science and Technology Nuclear Systems Modeling, Simulation and Validation
<p>Discussion on how to simulate gamma spectra with ORIGEN. Left to right: Will Wieselquist, Germina Ilas, Doro Wiarda, Shane Hart.</p>


Develop and enhance capabilities for depletion, decay, activation, and emission calculations through the Oak Ridge Isotope GENeration (ORIGEN) code.

Advancement on three fronts:

•nuclear data (e.g. decay, fission yields, uncertainty data),
•Application Programming Interface (API) to allow external linkages to ORIGEN, and
•capability development such as solvers, user interfaces, and new/improved integration in SCALE and other code systems
Increased usability and applicability of a cutting-edge and widely-used ORNL code to establish ORNL expertise.

Principal Investigator

William Wieselquist